Can you recommend a spa in Portland OR?
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Can you recommend a spa/salon in Portland, OR?

I'd like to get my mom a gift certificate she can use for massage services, manicure, hair cut, or similar nice thing. She's in Portland and I'm not, so a gift certificate I can purchase online is ideal; I just don't know the establishments in the area. Any ideas?

I saw this older similar question; I'm looking for a place that offers more than just massage, which seemed to be the focus of the places recommended in that thread.
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Try Chameleon Salon in N Portland. Disclaimer: it's owned and operated by a friend.

Chameleon is not a super fancy spa. It's a comfortable, quirky hair/nail salon with massage, facials, and whatnot also on the menu. The massage therapist is particularly fabulous.

If you want to tell us what part of town your mom lives in, maybe I can come up with some more suggestions.
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I like Zenana Spa in SE. They offer maternity and mother-focused services, but also offer regular massages, manicures/pedicures, waxing, facials, etc. I've gone there for indulgent pampering for years, and enjoy the warm vibe, and have never felt like the maternity/motherhood focus was over-the-top as a nonpregnant/non-mom lady.
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If you want to tell us what part of town your mom lives in, maybe I can come up with some more suggestions.

She's in North Portland, west of I-5.
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I get plain massages at other places, but I get my annual birthday pampering at The Dragon Tree in NE Portland. I haven't tried many other places for spa services. This seems to fit the bill, so I keep going back.
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I've been to Dragon Tree and it is amazing.
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Not in the same neighborhood, but my wife swears byloyly.
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Depending on how quirky your mom is, there's The Parlor in St. Johns (a North Portland neighborhood). The yelp page might be more useful, since navigation on their artsy website is a little annoying. The location and building looks really nice, but I haven't been in for a cut myself. And, she can even get a tattoo!

I live in the same area as your mom and my impression is that there's just not a ton of stuff like that out here- NE Portland has a lot more options for fancy. (Not that that's all that far away.) But, I've been past Chameleon, mentioned above, a ton of times, but never been in- now I'm thinking it sounds like my kind of place.
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