Cute plus-size socks and tights?
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Where can I find cute, fun plus-sized socks and tights on-line?

I'd really like cute tights and socks (especially knee- and thigh-high). By "cute" I mean things like stripes and argyle. Unfortunately my calves are large enough that with regular knee-high socks the threads start to break and the socks look crummy. Don't even get me started on thigh-high socks; not an option so far. Fishnets and stuff are also appreciated but I'm mostly looking for places with really good selections of socks and tights for larger women. Thanks!
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Best answer: Sock Dreams should be everyone's first stop for cute tights and socks -- here is their plus-size section -- note that they're not all specifically plus-sized -- read the note at the top.
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Best answer: I was coming here to suggest sock dreams, too, but for tights, also check out We Love Colors.
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Best answer: For tights, definitely We Love Colors - I recommend this version of their solid color tights. Also I've found that the colors I receive are slightly darker than what they look like on the website, so if you're hoping for something bright, go a shade lighter. I cannot vouch for their fishnet stockings, though.
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Best answer: 3rd-ing We Love Colors nylon tights. I literally broke a nail putting a pair on this weekend, and they did not run.
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Best answer: Sock Dreams is covered, I see. Specifically, I can recommend their "Extraordinary Vertical Stripes" socks, and would be happy to try anything else from the Extraordinary line. I think I have a couple pairs from the Dreamy Knees line that I like. Foot Traffic cotton tights are the best thing ever, as far as I'm concerned. .
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Best answer: Hips and Curves has some colorful stripey stockings in plus sizes. Note that these particular ones require a garter belt or something else with garters.

Sock Dreams does have a lot of great, detailed information about the sizing of each specific sock, and many larger sizes available. However, they only go up so far, and if your calves are larger than 20" around or so (mine are), it might be hard to find something that fits well without cutting into you.

Nthing We Love Colors for great colorful plus-sized tights, though! Every pair I've gotten from them has fit beautifully.
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Response by poster: These are awesome, thanks! Next AskMe question: How do I convince my husband to dip into our savings to buy tons and tons of socks and tights?
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You don't say how plus-size you are. I have 19" calves and am doing really well with Sock Dreams, especially the Extraordinary line mentioned above. They give details about just how much stretch the various socks have and I've found that to be accurate. I use some of their above-the-thigh socks as long knee-highs with good success too.

I weight almost 300 pounds. I have just gotten my first two pairs of footless tights from We Love Colors. and they fit very well. I haven't had them long enough to know how they'll hold up; I've heard some complaints about quality from them.
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Response by poster: My calves are about 16 1/2" around at the widest point.
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Oh please, I've looked at some of these and you know you're not going to have any trouble convincing me to let you buy them.
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You will have no problem fitting into Sock It To Me brand socks, which come in lots of different colors and patterns and stretch beautifully - Sock Dreams says they work well for up to 18" calves, but I have friends with small calves who love them too - they just stretch really, really well. I've been wearing their socks for years, and all of my favorite pairs of knee-highs are Sock It To Me brand. (They last a long time, but when they do eventually get holes in the heels or toes, I have been known to cut off the feet and continue wearing them as arm warmers.)
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you know you're not going to have any trouble convincing me to let you buy them.

Okay, so the follow-up question is basically resolved, but as further reinforcement -- they're good quality socks that hold up well. I have not gone so far as to try any of the socks or tights at Sock Dreams that are more than about $30, but I've been very happy with the ones I've gotten in the $12-25 range. (Granted, I do wash them on delicate and hang them to dry, but I do that with most of my laundry, and the Sock Dreams socks hold up better than socks I've gotten elsewhere.)
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A note about We Love Colors - the colors are perfect and they are sturdy as fuck...but for whatever reason they just sag like the dickens (on me, ymmv).
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If you have Avenue or Payless Shoes near you--check there! I got some super cool tights at Payless in size Queen (never gets old) that were only $3 and fit great and seem durable. Avenue mostly sucks but if there's a sale, which there always is, $5 per pair is worth it. Their fishnets tend to rip in the crotch (not from my fatness but when I sit down in my chair they don't...move with me or something) which sucks but my boyfriend thinks it's hot so I'm okay with it.

I am We Love Colors' number one fan but I will warn you: their tights are briiiiiiight. People will stare or comment, even if you're just wearing Kelly green.
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I'm also on a mad quest for decent plus-size tights! I'm planning to order some from We Love Color; are they more matte or shiny? And do they hold up well?

I've found Avenue to be a little hit-or-miss. I have one pair of their plain, basic, black tights that are pretty good, but just got a pair of their ribbed black tights and... either they were drastically mislabeled, or their sizing is really inconsistent, because the crotch only comes up to my lower thighs. Really disappointing.
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The Dreamy Knees socks from Sock Dreams were really big on me, so if you have a bigger foot/calf, they could be a good option. I wear the Gumball Poodle ones constantly, my favorites are the Bitch pair and the Nerd pair, because I believe in truth in advertising.
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I bought some plus size tights (these striped ones, in brown and white) on We Love Colors when I was a 12/14 and was not impressed with their plussiness. They were extremely short and too tight. I think I let my mini-sized sister wear them.
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