All your medical recommendations for Portland, OR
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Recommend me your dermatologist, gynecologist, and GPs in Portland, OR.

(Some of this was covered in previous questions, but there were either few answers, or the doctors have mostly moved on. (The two gynos I followed up on from that thread have moved to new jobs!))

I'm in downtown, but I'm willing to drive (or take at most one bus) for someone that you have had really good experience with. Ideally they'll be in network for United Healthcare.

Most pressing is a dermatologist - I want someone that I will feel comfortable looking at all of my skin for suspicious moles. It's pressing because the suspicious mole that got removed a few months ago is coming back, so I want to get that looked at ASAP. :(

I'd prefer a lady gynecologist.

All I'm really looking for in a GP is someone who you feel listens to you, and isn't insanely hard to see when you're sick. (Though I hear ZoomCare is really good?) No complicated history or anything, I just don't want to have to be doing the search for one when I'm actively sick.
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I can't help with Portland specifically, but I do see that serves Portland. I used the service when I was in DC, and it made the process of finding doctors who took my insurance incredibly easy. Best part? Lots of reviews to help you find someone you'll click with.

They do dental, too!
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Best answer: I get my healthcare at OHSU. Disclaimer...I am also an employee, but not for any of these practices.

My derm is Kevin White. I like him a lot but I haven't seen him in a while, so if he is still there I'd recommend him.

I have seen Karen Adams and Julianna Hatfield at OHSU's Center for Womens Health and has good experiences with them. Dr. Adams took over my prenatal care when my regular doc became unavailable at the end of my pregnancy. I was super apprehensive about the change but she was great and I wouldn't hesitate to see her again.
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I've seen both Dr. Collins and Dr. Lind at Cascade Women's Health. Both of them were excellent. Dr. Collins was really helpful with some specific issues that I was having for awhile - I never felt rushed in my appointments and always felt like she was available to answer any questions that I had.

(They are both women)
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GP recommendation: He's out in Hillsboro, but Dr. Michael Hicken is AWESOME. He listens well, he doesn't talk down to you, he seems to have a balanced approach. Everyone in his office is awesome, too. If you need to get in same day, that's generally not a problem (though you will probably be seeing a PA, but that's OK because they're great).
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If you ever have to switch to Kaiser, my doc out in Sunnyside is fantastic. He doesn't dumb things down or try to sound smart. He listens to my own observations and doesn't treat me like an idiot because I googled my symptoms before seeing him. And you can get a next-day appointment if you really need one.

But, as I said, Kaiser. So I'm probably not too helpful.
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Wife loves Dr. Dafna Lohr @ Bridgeview in the Pearl for an OB/GYN. I have seen her a decent amount (As an OB) for our two kids and she rocks. Dr. Murray is also good.
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