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Looking for an extremely sensitive and kind gynecologist in the Portland, OR area.

At 22 I have never visited the gynecologist and I am frankly terrified to do so. I've dealt with vaginismus and with the help of a lovely GP and some personal physical therapy I've been able to have and enjoy sex. But I still don't use tampons or put anything else up in there and the thought of a stranger poking around really freaks me out. Recently I've been dealing with a persistent yeast infection, or something like it, and think it's time to finally take the plunge, so to speak. I've also been sexually active for a while and it's one of those adult things you're just Supposed To Do.

So I'm in the market for a gynecologist in the Portland area who will be very patient with my neuroses, to the point where she'd be okay with meeting and talking clothed before an actual exam. I also don't want anyone who will pressure me into taking hormonal birth control or getting an IUD (I'm one of those perfect-use condom people). As demonstrated by my pronoun use, I'd prefer a female doctor but if there's a really spectacular man you recommend I could be persuaded. Lots of extra points if she's covered by Kaiser.

So do you have a gynecologist you totally love?
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I had a great experience with the nurse/midwives at OHSU. They were extraordinarily kind, empowering, sensitive and respectful. I believe they also perform routine gynocelogical exams on non pregnant patients. If you like, memail me for the names of the specific women I have seen there.
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Oh!! I know just the doctor! Dr. Johnson at the Johnson Center for Pelvic Health (website.) Honestly, I have never had ANY doctor as wonderful as Dr. Johnson. She's kind, sensitive and really the best word I would use to describe her is "warm." She also has excellent Yelp reviews. The office is in the Lloyd Center Mall in the upstairs officey section. If you need any more info or have any questions, please send me a message.
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If you don't get an awesome answer for a female gyn, you might want to consider Dr. Russell Dow, who is a warm and friendly and fabulous doctor who really listens to his patients and thinks about their comfort, both in physical and emotional terms.

I no longer live in Portland, and was a patient of Dr. Dow's at a previous practice, so I can't speak to the specifics of the clinic he's at now or the other doctors there, but I would recommend him enthusiastically.
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I don't have first-hand experience with Portland area gynecologists, but, dizziest, I was delivered by Dr. Russell Dow! My mother was a patient of his for years and was always hugely complimentary of him.
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Dr Dafna Lohr @ Bridgeview. She was our OBGYN and she was awesome... Yes I am a guy, but my wife shares these things. Out of all the GYN my wife has had, she has liked Dr. Lohr the best. The only reason she dosn't go to her anymore is due to an insurance change.
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Downtown Gynecology is an incredibly unique gynecology practice in Portland. They are so woman-positive and sex-positive. I was a patient there for a number of years, including having a hysterectomy on an urgent basis in my twenties, a time of a lot of panic and fear. They put me at ease throughout the whole time. They are unapologetic feminists - they will let you make your own decisions about your body.

They're different than any other clinic and I think they'd put you very much at ease. The waiting room is like a living room. The doctor or NP meets you with your clothes on first. For instance, you don't wear a gown or disposable gown during the exam: you wear a plush terry cloth robe. The exam table is warmed and the stirrups (which are usually metal) have footees on them. These little things can make a pelvic exam (which, let's face it, is never pleasant, especially your first one, under such circumstances!) so much more relaxed for both the doc and the patient. It's been years since I've lived in Portland, but they had pretty good availability when I lived there, and followup was great too. I recommend them heartily, especially for a first pelvic -- their TLC would be great here! Don't know about Kaiser (I've heard very bad things about gyns at the Kaiser compounds -- can you go outside the system at all?); if you need any other options, one gyn has moved from their office, the one who was my doctor. Her name is Edna Kung and this is her new practice. She is wonderful and I can't imagine she's changed how she does things in her new location.

Good luck.
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