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Where should I take sewing classes in Portland, OR?

I want to learn how to sew in an instructor led setting (with an eye towards clothing/costume creation and modification). I have not touched a sewing machine in 20 years, and that was only home economics. Where in Portland, OR can I take a sewing class that

1. Will teach me the basics

2. Will have people my age(ish) (25 - 35)

3. Will be relatively close to city center and Trimet accessible
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I know nothing about sewing, but I just got back from a couple days in Portland with my wife and kids and one of the places that she absolutely had to go to was an independent mega-fabric-store called "Fabric Depot" on SE 122nd Ave and Stark. Here's a link ->

It was immense and seemed to have all sorts of fabric and sewing related services which I presume would include instruction. If not, surely they can point you in the right direction.

Also seems to me that it was just a few blocks away from one of the rail lines.
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Here's that address as an actual link ->
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I don't know how many 25-35 year olds would be in the class, but PCC offers basic classes, and the location in the SE is directly on the #15.
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If the Fabric Depot folks can't help you, the people at Mill End probably can.
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Josephine's Dry Goods does sewing classes. My wife and a number of other friends took it together. They were young, hip, late-20s/mid-30s at the time.

And there is a streetcar stop directly in front of the store.
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Oh, and (IIRC) I think you get a store discount while you are taking the class. Which is pretty cool, because they have some awesome fabrics, but can get a little spendy.
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There's a sewing machine store with classes on the corner of SE 82nd and...Stark. This is where my ex went for classes and he would be your age. Maybe he's still there even, tell him I want my dress. The people are very nice and youngish. (503) 254-7317
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I've heard really good things about Bolt from one of our suppliers at my shop...a brief check of the website indicates they have classes, and I bet they could point you in the right direction if they don't have exactly what you want.

Too bad you're not in Cleveland or we could teach you! ;)
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Josephine's wins, as I'm working downtown for the next few months.
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