Love your doctor in Portland, OR? Tell me about him/her!
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Looking for a doctor / nurse practitioner in Portland, Oregon. I want someone who will work with me, as opposed to running the show. More info inside.

I have seen a whole mess of doctors and specialists over the years. I loved my combination of practitioners, but then I moved to Portland.

I am a mid-20s female. My general issues include migraines and anxiety / depression / attention issues.

I'm pretty well-read on my various maladies and want to work with my doctor, as opposed to being talked down to (sadly this has happened to me more than once).

Someone sex-positive who doesn't have a problem with nulliparous women having IUDs would be a huge bonus. Of course, I can always keep going to Planned Parenthood for this stuff.

I would love to find a general practitioner. I also have seen a psych nurse for my "crazy meds" (loved her), a neurologist (we didn't work well together, he was convinced I was drug-seeking and refused to even discuss pain meds), a massage therapist for chronic pain management, an acupuncturist / naturopath...

I certainly wouldn't mind going to an integrated wellness center that has a doctor as well as in-house massage, etc.

And yes, I have insurance—at least I do through the end of the year.

Anon for obvious reasons—I don't go around announcing my anxiety / depression issues to just anyone.
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Dr. Samantha Brody is my doctor, and she is wonderful. She's a naturopath and acupuncturist, and focuses mainly on women. She is down to earth, would never talk down to you, and she will absolutely positively work with you.

Full disclosure: she is my friend and has been for twenty years, but I swear she would be my doctor even if we weren't friends.

Please feel free to memail me if you like.
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I am really happy with Dr. Catherine Gurski, who is also a naturopath and acupuncturist, IUD-friendly*, just plain old friendly, hip, smart, thoughtful, and really willing to work with you and advocate for you and network with other doctors to figure your stuff out.

She listens to her patients, pays attention, and comes through in a crisis.

* Though in the sense of "sex-positive." I don't think she actually inserts IUDs.
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