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Le Pop Super-Bon! Can anyone suggest French bubble-gum pop that's especially au courant? Like Yelle (particularly her first album), only more recent? Stuff good for dancing or for cleaning the house. I've seen these threads, but they're a bit stale. Merci à tous!
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Maybe some Coeur de Pirate? May be a little slower than you're looking for, though. I'm a big fan of Adieu.

Also probably too slow, but maybe Brigitte - Oh La La.
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Best answer: Mika's "Elle me dit" (which also gets bonus points for featuring Fanny Ardant in the video).
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Best answer: Je ne vois que vous - Benjamin Schoos feat Laetitia Sadier (ex-Stereolab).
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Best answer: Claude Violante and her previous band Haussman
Although it's not very bubble-gum...
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! Keep 'em coming!
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I can't suggest any specifics, but if you have:
- iTunes, you can change your store to see what the top selling music is in France (and then change your store back to your local region to buy)
- Spotify, you can change to region of "Top Lists" to France

Obviously for both of these there are a lot of US artists in the lists, but if you dig down you'll be sure to find authentic French stuff, and hopefully some of that will fit your criteria.
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