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I'm looking for music to fit into my "Big Happy" playlist. It's kind of a specific sound, at least it is to me... I like really big, synth-y, pop music that has big bursts of noise. Some examples that work for me...

The Naked and the Famous: Young Blood

Foster the People: Houdidni

I'm from Barcelona: Always Spring (Not so synth-filled, but kind of big and happy.)

Note: Lyrics don't matter as much as the sound.
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These are more on the synthy side than the pop side, but Russ Chimes' She's Got the Heat
Russ Chimes remix of Marina and the Diamonds' Mowgli's Road
Ronald Jenkees' Disorganized Fun (honestly, pretty much _all_ Ronald Jenkees is right in this wheelhouse).
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Porter Robinson feat. Amy Millan - Divinity

++++1 to Sleepyhead
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There is no bigger happy than the great Andrew WK.


The Killers might fit the bill, and Japandroids are really big and happy, although there's no synth, and it's a bit more on the rock side of things. How about Animanaguchi, for some video game big happy?
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Anything by La Roux. For example Bulletproof
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Sleigh Bells Rill Rill, LCD Soundsystem Home, Dance Yrself Clean, Chromeo Tenderoni, Lemon Jelly A Tune for Jack, The Staunton Lick, Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, I Don't Really Mind, Youth Lagoon Cannons, Vulfpeck It Gets Funkier II
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Loney dear: Hard Days
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Kate Earl: Everlasting (On my playlist "My pop Shame")
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Somebody by Jukebox The Ghost.
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Robyn, Indestructible, U Should Know Better (lyrics are NSFW) and many other songs

Shiny Toy Guns, You Are the One

The Gummy Bear song

Going out on a limb here, but Hyperactive by Thomas Dolby

Ultravox, Love's Great Adventure

I'm dating myself aren't I?
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Out of Mind, Out of Sight by The Models. Synths and big sax bursts.
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Katrina and the Waves, Walking on Sunshine.
Cyndi Lauper,. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
I'm dating myself, too, but I don't care! These are great songs that always make me feel happy.
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Best answer: Happy by C2C does it for me!
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Andre McMahon's new single Cecilia and the Satelite hits those buttons for me.
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Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand
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How about "The Life Pursuit"-era Belle and Sebastian? For the Price of a Cup of Tea, maybe?
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A classic:

Wilson Pickett - Land of 1000 Dances
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What about Erasure? Both "Blue Savannah" (that video is weird) and "A Little Respect" are loud and fun and fast.
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