Best value/location/'nice'ness hotel in Miami for Ultra Music Festival?
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Best value/location/'nice'ness hotel in Miami for Ultra Music Festival?

My buddies and I (total 4 people) will be going to Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2013 for the second weekend (3/22 - 3/24) act.

Any recommendations for hotels? While we would love to be as close as possible to Bayfront park as possible, we're willing to stay somewhere further away if it's cheaper AS LONG AS the hotel is nearby a MetroRail station.

My understanding is that you can hop on the MetroRail and get off at Government Center, then take the MetroMover to Bayfront Park.

Our price range is capped at around $450/night and we want a single room with two queen beds.

Alternatively, if there are hotels where we can get two rooms and stay in the same price range, total, that would be fine (i.e. two rooms @ $225/night) as well. I'm assuming this will yield very crappy hotels, however, so we're willing to sacrifice that extra room/privacy for a nicer place.

Currently, our best option seems to be the Hampton Inn at Brickell for a Queen suite with two queen beds at $409 a night, but we're wondering if we're missing anything.

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Another option:

Sign up for the Marriott Rewards card, get 50,000 points. Need to spend $1000 bucks on it, shouldn't be an issue in 3 months.

Stay at the JW Marriott. You can usually book the room before getting all the points. This is a $450 night hotel.

Also, think about taking cabs. Splitting cabs is usually a good way to save money on hotels.
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The location is okay, there are some pretty cool shops and restaurants a couple of blocks over.

FWIW that's the #1 hotel in Miami on Trip Advisor. I'm chocking at the price for a Hampton Inn though. Yikes!

I'm not a huge fan of the MetroMover and I'm for DAMN sure not a fan at night. Cab it if you can. Also Bayfront, meh.
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The Continental Bayside is right near Ultra and I stayed there a few years ago for WMC, but there are two things you need to know about it

1) It is really cheap.
2) It's kinda gross.

If you don't care about quality and just want to be close to Ultra without spending any money, it's a decent option.

Another option, and one my friends do fairly regularly is to rent a house for a week, but you probably need to get together a dozen people to make it worth while.
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