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We want to go to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. How do we make that happen?

So the SO and I have decided we are definitely going to the World Cup in 2014. We want to see the US and Mexico matches for sure. Of course since this is the biggest event on the planet we want to be quick to plan and start making reservations. So Hive, have any of you gone to past World Cups? Are any of you going? We'd appreciate any tips as to how to plan this type of trip since we have no idea when our teams will be playing and how in advance we should book our hotels and where we should book our hotels since the games are all over the country?

Any and all suggestions welcome! THANKS!
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Response by poster: I forgot to ask - we'd really like suggestions as to which of the cities that will be hosting the World Cup matches should we visit? Are there any we should avoid? If we can only go to two, which two?
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Best answer: As far as ticketing, it looks like tickets aren't available for application or purchase yet, according to the FIFA website.

I went to the 2010 World Cup and answered a similar question regarding how ticketing worked back then that you might find useful.
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