Origin/Name of 1940s dance maneuver, limp leg wave?
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WaybackDanceFilter: In a Fats Waller video here (linked to specific time), a dancing man clasps his hands together and moves his leg almost as if it were lame..

I've seen this dance maneuver before somewhere, but can't place it.. does that particular move have a name? I have no background in dancing, and have no idea how I would even search for something visual like dance styles..
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God knows why I remember this, but it kind of looks like the stanky leg. Doesn't help you with the origin any, though!
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Could be a variation of a jake leg dance (more here)
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And I came to say that Jake Leg was a condition caused by bootleg alcohol made with Jamaican Ginger, a patent medicine in the early 20th century.

My Dad used to drive us to school and we'd see guys schlepping down the street, dragging a leg behind them, and he'd say, "Look at that poor bastard. He's got Jake Leg, probably caused by syphilis."

My Dad, and excellent education in an excellent guy.
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We did something similar to this in my Jamaican dance class.
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In my Lindy Hop class, we call this the "broken leg." But Bojangles Robinson here is truly a master of the broken leg...this almost feels like his own move.
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P.S. On closer inspection, it looks like he's doing a combination of the broken leg and a "Suzie Q," which involves putting one foot in front of the other, shifting on the heel of your back foot and the ball of your front foot, and moving to the side, traditionally. This is kind of a guess.
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Someone would have to do the research to nail down the possible Afro-diasporic connections here, but this immediately made me think of a version of the Cuban rumba columbia dance where a solo male dancer pretends to have a limp that is then cured through the power of the rumba.
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