My neighbors will kill me if they hear "PYT" one more time.
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I need to update my dance-y indie music selection. My playlist is so 2007.

Due to a change in jobs, I no longer listen to Pandora/ stations, so my awareness of recent music has plummeted. I like a pretty wide range of songs, but right now I'm specifically looking for upbeat, catchy indie music that I can play on a Friday night when friends come over for a drink, or for when I bring my iPod on a run. Right now this playlist includes stuff like MGMT, Black Kids, the Tings Tings, Handsome Furs, old Michael Jackson, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc. This question was interesting but still too electronic-heavy. As I am the most predictable, low-brow listener when it comes to locating the most single-ish single on an album, it would help plenty if you could specify songs rather than just albums and artists.

My roommates, friends, and headphones thank you in advance!
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I have been enjoying Toronto's the Rural Alberta Advantage's Hometowns (2008), although it is not really dance-y. Moderat (Modeselektor meets Apparat in 2009) is good danceable electronics musics generally enjoyed by indie-ish types.

A friend of mine does this excellent podcast filled with good and new music.
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I think Vampire Weekend would definitely fit the bill for you.

Scroll down to #3 to listen to the whole album for free.
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Maybe Quicksand by La Roux.
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Best answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix?
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The Cribs just released a new album that should fit your bill.

Also, Liberation Dance Party produces a podcast and playlist that should be right up your alley.
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Best answer: Calvin Harris - Colours
Phoenix - 1901
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I second Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Phoenix's latest. Fo sho.
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Blalock's indie rock playlist gets updates monthly. torrent
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Best answer: If you're into MGMT, you may like Passion Pit. Check The Reeling or Little Secrets.
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Best answer: The new Noisettes album Wild Young Hearts.
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Best answer: Seconding those Passion Pit songs. The whole album is single-worthy, though.


Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire, Lights & Music.

Memory Tapes - Bicycle, Plain Material.

The XX - Basic Space.
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I'm nthing here, but Phoenix really are pop music wizards. Check out Lisztomania.

Their last album, Its Never Been Like That is equally great. (See Consolation Prizes)
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Response by poster: I shall slowly go over all the suggestions, but let me say that I'm already pro-Phoenix and Passion Pit. Thanks so far!
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"Swedish Disco Princess" Sally Shapiro has a great new album out.
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I've been playing the latest YACHT record almost every day. Listen to their Summer Song track.

Also Delorean. They don't have a full album yet, but check out the song Deli.

jj put out a nice album, with only a little bit of dancey-electronic stuff.

I'm in love with Black Moth Super Rainbow, but they might be more psychedelic than you're looking for. Their song "Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Shine" is their poppiest, danciest track so far.
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I'm not too good with track names, so I'll just give you some albums from this year (sorry!)

1990s - Kicks
Miike Snow - S/T
YACHT - See Mystery Lights
The xx - xx
Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Why There are Mountains
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion (that song My Girls is the catchiest)

Oh, and you might like that song "Sugar Assault Me Now" by Pop Levi, if you haven't heard it (2007). Ridiculously catchy.
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Yeah, I've seen a lot of hype about The xx (and have liked their stuff), and people keep recommending Cut Copy to me. La Roux is good, as is Florence + The Machine.
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We Are Wolves

They have great videos too:

Psychic Kids
L.L. Romeo
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I'll second delorean. Was very impressed. Here's some of what I've been down with lately. Should be within the vicinity of up your alley. Some of it is very new / no real albums out just blog stuff or EPs. Flipside is it's all free till they get their albums out! (should be easy to find on blogs and so forth). TTV is an exception, might have to buy that one.

Vega - No reasons (newish band, not much out, but all of it is gold)
ttv - birds (ttv is old, but this just came out this year and damn if it isn't beautiful album!)
Superpose - Button (these guys come out of nowhere, but damn if everything off their aurora ep isn't catchy as hell. Remixes are good too)
Washed out - Feel it all around (earns it's name. seems like a new genre that's going around this year. Memory casette that someone else recommended fits.)
Parallels - Reservoir (Canadian electro pop, so ridiculous for these guys right now. most their tracks free on
Air France - Collapsing at your doorstep (just got into these guys, never knew what the big deal was, but this track kills it).
Les Sins - Lina (brand new band AFAIK)
Cold Cave - Life Magazine
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Here's a playlist. I'd also recommend Lou Reed's "Leave Me Alone," Section 25's "Dirty Disco," MX-80, and Six Finger Satellite.
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It's not indie and it's a year old but Lady Gaga's whole album is catchy as all damn hell.
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