Youtube workout videos for a fitness beginner/couch lover?
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I'm pretty darn overweight and do not all. Recently, I found a series of workout videos on youtube that I actually enjoy doing and I'd like some help finding some more so I can keep going and not get bored and quit.

I don't exercise. At all. Never been "sporty." I also am unemployed and pretty dang poor right now- so I sit on the couch and do nothing all day long. I've been doing this for a long time now.

Recently, or I suppose, not so recently, I've been feeling really bad about myself- I'm physically weak, my body is starting to hurt more from doing all the nothing and I feel like I just keep gaining weight with no end in sight. Which is kind of scary.

So, last week I started looking at youtube for exercise options- it is cheap, private and I can pace myself. I found some dance videos by a woman that I really enjoyed. Here is the link

What I like about these videos:
-Not too hard most of the time- I can easily adjust to what level I do things. I discovered this week that perhaps I have been trying to overdo things every other time I've worked out? I like that when I finish these videos I don't feel dizzy or nauseous or like my skin is radiating heat like the sun. But I also feel like as I get better, I can make them harder.

-She's kind of funny and has a good attitude that I find encouraging.

-Her videos seem more personal and less manufactured than say, a Jillian Michaels dvd. I like that she interacts with the people watching her videos

-It is an activity I enjoy and I learn new things while doing it. I will never enjoy situps or pushups. But learning hip rolls and booty pops? Oddly enjoyable!

I can find some other dance videos on youtube, but a lot of them are really cheesy or aren't actually fun to dance around to.

If it helps, my stats are:
27 years old
245 pounds

Can you recommend me some more videos that you think would be useful or that I would find enjoyable?
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Fit For Duty.
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I recently signed up for Fitnessglo. It is a monthly subscription site, but they offer free trials (looks like it's still 15 days free). After that it's $12/month for unlimited online video classes. They have a bunch of styles (including cardio dance) and rate classes by 3 difficulty levels. I've done 4 or 5 different workouts at the easy or intermediate levels, and have liked the variety. I figured $12/month is as cheap as one drop-in class at almost any gym, plus these are unlimited and I can do them in my living room.
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Oh! I just found some videos from a YouTube user called FitSugar. I think they also have a website with the same videos. Look for the 10-minute workouts: there are at least 5 or 6 that I've tried, and most don't require any equipment (at worst, a couple of hand weights which you can use a heavy can or water bottle as a substitute for). I find there is enough variety (there are arm workouts, legs, abs, and a few fun ones like Zumba or P90X) that I haven't gotten bored even though I've done each video a couple times. There is no really annoying background music either, and the various instructors have not been overly perky or irritating. Highly recommended!
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This lady's videos look fun. Some are how to do certain moves & others are just her doing a workout.

I bet you'd enjoy bellydance. I took lessons for a while & it was a lot harder workout than I expected.

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I really enjoy Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Yay for YouTube!
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This is not dance, but it helped me a lot. Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone.

There are different moves and it goes from easy 1 mile to 2, 3, 4, and 5 miles. The group videos have real looking people with all different body types and ages.

She is kind of perky but talks directly to you and after a while, I kind of liked it. Some of the vids use stretchy bands or hand weights, which is optional.

Maybe something to do when you are taking a break from more strenuous workouts, switch it up but still: you just walked a mile! Sounds goofy but the mile markers work and I switched quickly to the 2 mile, then the 3 mile and if it got too much, stopped and did the cool down.
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There are also a bunch of videos for the 7-minute workout as seen recently in the NYT. Although they're more "scientific" in that they've worked out exactly what you need, the most important thing is that you're doing something!
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You have probably found her already, but if you like fun perky videos, blogilates is awesome. She has this workout calendar you could print out and follow for one month as a kick-start for your fitness.

Nerdfitness also has some dorky but very effective workouts.

Alternatively, taking walks around town every morning for the duration of a podcast/audiobook will get your blood moving around while giving you the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air. It's won't exhaust you like a workout is supposed to, but it's consistent and you might find yourself looking forward to your podcast walks because I do this, and I find it really therapeutic.

Or joining sports that are not too competitive at your local recreational centre might be a good idea for fun exercising and meeting people. If ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, or water aerobics are things you like, then you should give it a go!
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You can find tons of free workout videos at Be Fit or Pop Sugar, which has 10 minute workouts. Good luck!
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i also do not like jillian michaels or anyone with that type of attitude. i am also overweight and don't usually like to exercise so i need someone to make it as pleasant and non-threatening as possible. two instructors i like are ellen barrett and denise austin. check your public library, mine has a ton of workout DVDs.
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Just found this AskMe because I'm also looking for more online exercise videos. I do have a few recommendations
- yoga! If you search things like "beginners morning yoga" or "yoga digestion" or even more accessible "chair yoga" you will get some shorter videos (15 min or less) that are more about some easy stretches to open up your muscles and less about super complicated contortions.
- Mousercise! seriously, as a kid I used to have a Mousercise audio cassette and exercise booklet that I would do in between library book binges and the goofiness. It's very much the 80s era of aerobics, so don't feel bad if you need to stop for breaks because those are 8 years old bopping around like Energizer bunnies. I totally did. But I find it enjoyable and a trip down nostalgia lane.
- in that vein, if you ever tried any exercise/dance videos when you were younger, chances are that they are on YouTube. Darrin's Dance Grooves anyone?
Good luck!
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