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What's some good, preferably obscure, music for an urban foot chase video?

Genre wise, I'd prefer fast, pounding electronic music with a beat to it, but I'm open to all ideas.
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Maybe you can find something in this question I asked a while ago?
posted by Lucinda at 3:17 PM on October 31, 2012

Easily Embarrassed: The Truth
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A pre-college friend made a video for me to introduce me to Chicago before I moved here in which he recorded himself running around in alleys at night. The song he used as background music was Nuthin but Luv by the Presidents of the USA because of how much he loved Chicago.

The friend and I have since pretty epically fallen out, but every time I hear that song, I think of running around like a crazy person at night in the city, and it makes me smile.
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Not sure if this is obscure enough, but I think anything from the Run Lola Run soundtrack would work well. This page lets you listen to a preview of each track.
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Man Man — El Azteca
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Well, I would have suggested "Hydrogen" from the Hotline: Miami soundtrack, but I don't know how obscure it is, given how much hype that game has received.
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Someone once suggested that Amanda Jenssen's "Happyland" would make a great soundtrack for a zombie movie chase scene.
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Deadly Avenger - Invincible
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A lot of the first A Hawk & A Hacksaw album is chasey: Maremaillette, A Hack And A Handsaw, A Hard Row To Hoe, ...
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How about No Step by Christoph de Babalon?
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The soundtrack to Hotline Miami.
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(maybe ignore the AH&AH suggestion. I've relistened, and it's heavily polyrhythmic, so unless your chase scene involves three-legged protagonists with occasional hopping, it might not be so much use.)
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