What are some funny 2012 Halloween costume ideas?
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I would like to request an update for this previous AskMe thread on this year's timely funny halloween costume, gender neutral version.

I am in the US, so there's probably something electoral, but don't feel constrained to that. Also I am a girl but both guy/girl suggestions would be great. Lastly, thank you so much for last year's "I am the 2%" milk costume, people LOVED it.
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Union suit and an Elvis wig - instant Mitt Romney.
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Big Bird carrying a binder and a bayonet? (The only 3 things I know about the debates)
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UN election observer.

Paint up some butterfly ballots or misprinted ballots.

Badly photoshopped nuclear disaster site.

Carry around a sample ballot in one of those "scenes" books actors use to read at tryouts - voting with your "Lady Parts".

Carry or wear a binder (depending on your outward appearing gender).

Make a fake iPad mini and wear it on your belt buckle?
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How about Clint Eastwood? Carry around a little kid-size chair (or a dollhouse one pinned to your suit lapel) and yell at it.

Or if you want something a bit more pop culture-y, Amanda Bynes: long wig, Mouseketeer ears, open container, key chain, and then buy a bunch of Matchbox cars, smash them up a little and glue them all over your body. Maybe leave a trail of them behind you on a fishing line.

You could also wear gray sweats, attach dozens of paint chips on the white-to-black scale, et voila: 50 Shades of Grey. Maybe even better if you could somehow run mini-clotheslines/curtain rods across your outfit and hang 50 tiny fabric gray window shades.

Also, if you can figure out how to make yourself look like a station wagon (maybe reuse your 2011 milk carton?), slap a few Romney 2012 bumper stickers on and put an Irish Setter stuffed animal on your head.
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Badly restored Jesus is just crying out to be made into a costume.
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Badly restored Jesus is just crying out to be made into a costume.

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Zombie / dead Big Bird.
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Same costume as last year, except make it the 47% Milk.
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Wear a tuxedo and carry a small video camera-- you're the heroic cater-waiter who filmed the 47% video.
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Misspelt ballot ...
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Psy! Or Romney Psy.
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As I couple, I think the hip/quirky little youngsters from Moonrise Kingdom would be good. (Scroll down just a bit to see the two). It is a pretty cute movie.
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I think the "it" costume of 2012 will be Psy.

It was mightily lampooned on last night's South Park.

I suppose you could do Hunger Games.
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Wear a giant binder. Even better if you can cram another woman in there.
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Felix Baumgartner, in a badly damaged spacesuit, with multiple compound fractures.
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Wear one side of a velvet boy's suit with pants that end at the knee and a white rounded collar. Wear a regular semi-hip suit on the other half.

You are "Eddie Munster or Paul Ryan . . . you decide!"

For the full costume experience, carry Eddie Munster and Paul Ryan quotes on cards and quiz your fellow party goers.

The beauty of this costume is the hair style works for both!!
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My partner and I have been brainstorming ways to go as Apple's iOS 6 maps. One way (suggested to us on Twitter): swap name tags.

It needs some work but it's an idea.
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Thanks all!
I think something Frankenstorm related is becoming more likely...
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No no no, it's Frankenstorm's Monster!
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