Halloween costume ideas
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Funny Halloween costume ideas. I'm sure there are previous posts, but sometimes timely costumes are the best so I figured a new question was necessary.

Some details: I'm a guy in my 20's, I'd prefer something fully clothed so I'm not freezing when walking around, and ideally it would be a costume I could put together easily (meaning finding things at stores like TJ Max, Kohl's, Filene's Basement, Target, maybe the internet, etc.). "Funny costume" can be something clever, witty, laugh-out-loud funny, ironic…whatever - fire away with some ideas.
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the Android....android!!!!
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Zombie Steve Jobs.

Too soon?
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birthday zombie wins every time. you zombie yourself up, add a party hat, then shamble around offering cake.
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Dress in a vaguely hippyish manner, make some blank signs & carry a thick Sharpie, carry a backpack (for your sign making material). At various times, whip out your Sharpie, write a slogan a protest about something happening around you - the light turns red (Red Road Menace!), someone cuts in front of you in line (Elitist Pig!), someone doesn't laugh at your jokes (Establishment Wonk!) You are Insta-Protester. (If you have time and the inclination, you can make up some signs ahead of time to protest for/against other costumed folks - you'll probably see zombies, vampires, etc. "The undead have rights too!" etc.

If you have an empty jar with a slot, strap it to your waist and become "Rent-A-Protester". You'll have to elicit protests from others but that could be fun.

If you have a friend going round with you, have he/she stand innocently by and then join in your protesting - she/he is Bandwagon Boy/Girl

You can create a sign with a slat of wood and two light pieces plywood nailed to it. Your messages can be written on regular paper and then taped or stapled onto the plywood. You could keep adding signs one on top the other. Or protest for and against something on either side of your sign.
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I've been mining this Hairpin article and especially the comments for funny-clever costume ideas: The Best Halloween Costume I Never Wore.
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if you weren't too worried about freezing, this would be an great costume to try and pull off: ZACK
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Scombag Steve
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Angry Birds? If you're going with friends maybe you could mix it up with the red bird, yellow bird, etc.
jaimystery recommended a protester - you could wear a suit and carry one of the We are the 99% signs - not funny but timely.
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you could wear a suit and carry one of the We are the 99% signs - not funny but timely

Dress up as a carton of milk and a wear a "WE ARE THE 1%" sign.
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Michelle Bachman. drag, nametap, those pop out googly eyes
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Fake beard, big dark sunglasses, trucker hat (or any cowboy hat), shirt with top two buttons undone, black vest: the most honest man on Fox News.
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I'm going to go with 23skidoo, and say a milk carton with a sign saying "We are the 1%" is probably one of the funniest costume ideas i've ever heard. I actually laughed out loud just reading it.
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One change I'd recommend to make this an apolitical costume: "We are the 2%". Since there actually is a notional 1%, either one people adhere to or one people mock. But I don't think you're going to get a better intersection of topical and conceptual this year.
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"We are the 2%" actually elicited an audible laugh and made me briefly reconsider the costume I am currently working on....
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