How do I best make a splash with a Twitter and Facebook announcement?
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How to best make a splash with a Twitter and Facebook announcement?

My food blog is becoming a book.

The blog has been on hiatus for a while now but still gets decent search, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Pinterest traffic. It has a Facebook page with several thousand members and a Twitter account with a few thousand. (So not enormous by any means, but not tiny -- and still growing steadily.)

The book won't be available for quite a while, so there's nothing that people can go out and buy right now. But in the grand tradition of overthinking things, I'd like to know if there are best times of day/days of week to post an announcement about the book, how best to phrase it, etc.

In sum: If anyone has done something like this and learned anything from it, I'd love to hear about it.
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if you have google analytics on your blog, find out where your readers are located, so you can schedule your posts accordingly. it isn't a huge announcement if your target audience isn't awake to read it!

if you have a facebook page, you can schedule posts via the little clock button near the status update box... i suggest posting around lunch time between Tuesday and Thursday and having some actionable form of engagement ("sign up for my email list for updates!" or something like that).
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For a few bucks you can make sure that the announcement is at the top of all your friend's news feeds on Facebook. The price varies by number of people that like the page - so I'm not sure what the number will be for you exactly. It's $7 for less than 500 friends, and goes up from there.
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Honestly, you just have to talk about it constantly.

No matter when you do it, mentioning something only once on FB or especially Twitter is like throwing a pebble in the ocean.

You may feel like you're being a little annoying, and honestly you may annoy a few people. But this is how everyone who succeeds at this kind of promotion does it, as far as I've seen.
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0) Congrats!

1) Have new content to go with the announcement. Even if it's not full-scale features, create a couple posts that will remind people why they love your blog, and why it's getting a book.
ie: In honor of my publishing deal, every day this week I'm posting about a different kind of toast!

2) Mention the publishing deal (and special week-long posting event) in each toast-post.

3) Promote the first post/announcement on Facebook. Treat yourself! It's a special occasion.

4) Twitter: I have a blogging friend who posts a link to his new updates in the morning, then posts the link again in the afternoon as a reminder to people who missed it early in the day.

4b) This is probably only a good idea if you're an active user of Twitter and use it for more than self-promotion.

5) Use your normal voice for the announcements! You can be as personable or professional as you'd like. If you need/want your followers/fans to do something at this juncture, you can overthink the language, but if all you want to do is share the news, don't worry about it too much.

6) Congrats again!
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