Holiday time in New England
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Looking for a terrific holiday experience in New England. Quaint lodging with bonfires, snowshoeing, etc, the weekend after Christmas?

After Christmas eve is a bit of a let down for my son. We get to do a few family parties but then his (half) brothers go back to their moms house for Christmas and the next 2 weeks. He LOVES them to death.
I was hoping to go away to an inn with my husband and 5 year old for a few days to break up that long week with out them.
Nearby tubing, snowshoes would be nice.
We need no party scene. Just some family time with extra fun thrown in.

I was thinking Vermont but really anywhere in New England is fine.

Cheaper the better but I am willing to pay for awesome.
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There are many options, but the first that comes to my mind is the Appalachian Mountain Club's Joe Dodge Lodge - Wintery outdoor activities of all types are within easy reach and you can be as isolated or party-scene as you want, since there's a big ski scene in the area. Its not cheap, but IS affordable. Good for groups if you book early. I've spent a ton of time there as a base camp for hikes and climbs - its right on the AT. The food service is family style, which is actually great - and we've gone a few times for Thanksgiving and its been terrific.
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We grew up going to Ascutney Mountain in Brownsville, Vermont. The ski mountain shut down and the resort is now managed by Holiday Inn. To be honest, this is probably an upgrade in management quality. My dad still has a condo up there, and he and his friends spend the winter snowshoeing, xc skiing and go to Okemo when they feel like some downhill. The main lodge hugs an ice skating pond and tubing hill (snow permitting). I believe they also updated the indoor pool and fitness center, which was rather large. Nearby towns of Quechee and Woodstock are charming. As I recall, it's cozy, fun and not too fancy (or should I say, Kid Friendly?). I think this might really fit the bill. Good luck!
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We've had nice times at the Village Inn of East Burke, in VT's Northeast Kingdom right next to Burke Mountain. Small B+B, cozy main area with woodstove and table for boardgames, small kitchen you're welcome to use; very house-like not hotel-like. Low key. I don't know whether there's tubing etc, but there's certainly cross-country skiing at Kingdom Trails and snowshoeing in addition to regular ski mountain stuff at Burke. The whole area is a little off the beaten path, so things are quieter and less rushed than some of the bigger places in VT.
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This isn't in New England, but it's close - the Mohonk Mountain House. I went there with family just after Christmas one year, and it was amazing - cozy and storybook. Big old comfy chairs by roaring fires, cookies and hot chocolate every afternoon, sunny verandas with rocking chairs for the warmer parts of day, a beautiful ice skating rink, walking trails, birds, views, optional music and talks in the evening, nature and craft activities for kids...just lovely. Expensive, but lovely (it's all inclusive though, so that helps).
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