Childrens' educational book series
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I'm looking for recommendations for childrens' educational book series. It's for a 4-5 year old, but writing level is not important, as long as it has good pictures we can talk about (e.g. the DK Eyewitness series). Preferably, each volume is devoted to a single subject (no encyclopedias), and be available cheaply second-hand. Thanks!

At the moment I'm picking up the DK books for $1-2 each used, and am looking to discover other series that are worth getting hold of.
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The Golden Guide are right for an educational series, for fun you might look at Junie B., Fancy Nancy, and Skippyjon Jones (our personal favorite). We read on iPads and just found the entire Golden Series books from my childhood for it.
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My daughter has really enjoyed the science books from Basher.
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I don't think Basher is for that age range. I have found most kids in the 4-5 age range learn better from and have more interest in stories that contain educational components but are not overtly educational type books. You could read A Bad Case of Stripes and talk about disease, viruses, bacterial, and fungus. You could read Doctor De Soto and talk about dentistry. You could read How I Learned Geography and talk about geography. You could read In the Sea and talk about sea life. You could read Otis and the Tornado and talk about weather. You could read The Ugly Vegetables and talk about horticulture. You could read Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! and talk about musical instruments. Etc. Only question is whether you can find these used in the price range you mentioned.
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Dr. Seuss's Learning Library Books. :)
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Best answer: There's a DK series for younger readers called Eye Wonder, basically scaled-down Eyewitness books.
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Response by poster: Those are definitely in the ballpark, Flannery Culp. Kind of wondering why I didn't see those on the DK website ...
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What about the childcraft series from world book? We had them as children and they were great. Lots on eBay.
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Response by poster: Ah yes - I'll check those out - and that pointed me to the How and Why Wonderbooks, which bring back memories ...
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You could check out a book called Why?
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