Requesting book recommendations for a one-year-old
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My one year old niece loves books that "do things" - especially ones with flaps to lift. Her favorite thing to do when she wakes up is to play quietly with her books for about 20 minutes, and I'd love to encourage that. I would like to get her some books for Christmas. I've purchased Fuzzy Bee and Squishy Turtle for children before, and they were well-received, but the children were younger (in the 6 month range). Are Fuzzy Bee and Squishy Turtle too young for her? Can you recommend any other books that she might like? Her parents are open to anything, as she doesn't have many books and they'd like her to have more, but they're first time parents and not sure what she'd like either.
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That's Not My Kitten/Train/Snowman/Dragon/etc. from Usborne Touchy-Feely are popular little books for that age range where each page has a textured panel for the reader to feel that goes with the page's description. They're addictive for mall people and remain popular for quite a while ... My four year old still likes them.
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My 15 month old son likes Gallop.
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Why not make your own?
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The Where's Spot? series is pretty great, and a pioneer in the genre. I also love Hervé Tullet, who has many ingenious books that "break the fourth wall" or whatever you'd call it. Some of them might be for slightly older kids (like 18 months) but it's hard to go wrong with Fingerworms.
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Pat the Bunny comes in a few different sizes and covers.

Not as tactile, but I also got The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle because I figured these books are harder to replicate their experience as eBook versions.
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Seconding the That's Not My X books. My son (21mo) also still likes the Noodle Books, which are similar but have slightly more going on in them.
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Dog by Matthew Van Fleet: very large and sturdy board book with photo illustrations, funny rhyming text and lots of touchable textures, flaps, etc. The page that always brought the house down for us was "Sticky dog licks."
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This might be better for next year when she's a bit older, but it's so great and different that I have to recommend it. "Press Here" is a book of colorful dots. You follow directions to press the dots and shake the book, and the dots "magically" change page-by-page. It's a really fun book and different than any others I've seen.
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My kiddo loves Do Cows Meow? and Do Crocodiles Kiss? which both have animal sounds and flaps.
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My kids loved Where is Baby's Belly Button. Not textured, but lots of flaps to lift and since it's all about their little bodies there is a corresponding tactility.
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My niece loved "Whose tail is this?" and related (Whose Feet are These?, Whose Eyes are These?)

They feature a variety of animals in easy, puzzle-like situations (think a puppy hiding behind a flower pot, with his tail and half his body sticking out.)
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Came in to recommend Press Here, as above - it's a seriously magical book for that age.

Mine also really liked Gallop.

Baby Einstein's Violet's House fits the bill also
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Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden
Once Upon A Potty (girl) by Alona Frankel

Also seconding:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
That's not my… series of Usborne touchy-feely books
Where's Baby's.. series of lift-the-flap books by Karen Katz
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In My Nest.
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I don't understand the appeal myself, but my daughter loved these Wheelie Books.
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Maybe for a wee bit later... Go Away Big Green Monster
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I agree with the Press Here recommendations. Another books along the same line is Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson.
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My daughter is fond of Maisy lift-the-flaps.
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My 16 month old LOVES Mole's Hill by Lois Ehlert. Karen Katz's lift-the-flap books have been successful in the past, but now he's older, the flaps get torn off too easily.
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Thank you everyone for your great suggestions! We went with Dog, Gallop, and either Press here or Tap the Magic Tree (still deciding!), but I now have many ideas for future birthdays and Christmases as well. Thanks again!
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