Where can a fat girl find a 3-season/All weather jacket? Help!
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Where can a plus size girl find a 3-season/All season jacket? Help please!

The type of work I do requires me to be out year round in all types of weather. I have been searching for a plus size (1 or 2x) 3-season/All season jacket that will fulfill my requirements but so far haven't come up with much. Help!

Here are my must haves:

-Waterproof! Trudging around in rain and snow is no fun while soaked.

-Comes with a zip out liner so I can wear it in the fall, zip in the liner for winter, and zip it out for spring.


-Not black, brown, or gray - I teach people who are blind and visually impaired how to travel independently. It would be great to find a red or brightly colored coat so those with low vision can see it, and so drivers and pedestrians notice it a bit better than just another black coat.

-Thigh length or above the knee. I want it to at least cover my bum.


I've done an exhaustive search and the only thing I've found that almost matches is this coat from Lands' End but it only comes in black or dark purple. I'll get it if I can't find anything else.

I'm willing to buy a men's coat if it is long enough/bright, and can pay up to $350.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: (another one from the same line)
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I came in to suggest the 2nd one that thirteenkiller posted - in the Mallard color. It seems like the brightest one they have - if it's not bright enough when you get it, they are pretty good about returns.
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I would buy a spring/fall jacket and a winter jacket. It's the lighter zip out that makes your search difficult.
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Best answer: What about Eddie Bauer's WeatherEdge® Girl on the Go® Insulated Trench Coat?
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Best answer: Belladonna suggested what I came to suggest. I have this coat in a plus size and the cut is very flattering. It's also effectively weatherproof. I love this coat!
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Have you looked at Helly Hansen? Sailors wear seems to be a good option for you
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Check out Junonia.com.
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Columbia Bugaboo comes in plus sizes in red. I have Bugaboo from 5 or so years ago and it is still my go-to jacket.
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I agree with murfed13 that you might want to look for 2 coats. I live in a pretty cold climate and I have a wool coat for "early winter" and a Land's End Squall Parka for "deep winter" (Christmas through March).
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Response by poster: Thanks Mefites!

The Eddie Bauer trench in red looks perfect. I just purchased it online -- will let you know how it works out.
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I'm a plus-sized girl living in Canada, and all last winter I wore my Scottevest women's trenchcoat in XXL with a zippie hoodie underneath. The trench cuts the wind, which is a huge factor in feeling cold, down to nothing; it's totally waterproof; with the hoodie for an extra layer of insulation I think I felt actually cold on at most three occasions, all horrid days. Plus, you can carry everything in a Scottevest coat, so no need to wrangle a purse over a winter coat.
And mine is red!

I have "proper" winter coats but never got around to putting one on after I got my trench, just never needed them.
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