Best places to shop for books for kids (age 1-4) in Chicago?
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Please recommend your favorite stores for books for kids in Chicago. I am interested in finding used books, quirky books, and progressive books. Not necessarily all three and not necessarily in that order. Toddler Xalf is almost 1.5 years old, but I'm happy to buy books that will be over his head for the next few of years. Any part of Chicago is fine. Suburbs too, especially those to the north.
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Women and Children First in Andersonville is great. The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square also has a big kids section.
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Open Books on the near north side is a non-profit that promotes literacy, and has a decent used bookstore that would fit your needs.
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Thanks for the Open Books love! 10,000+ kids' books in stock right now. :)
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I came in here to recommend Open Books as well. I love that place, and a membership is totally worth it--$25/year for 10% off nearly everything, $10 back for every $100 you spend, and a free book on your birthday. Plus early access to sales. Gosh, I really do love that place.
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Come in tomorrow to Open Books, I'm volunteering and I would love to play with books with you if you want! We are also good at leaving you alone if you prefer.
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I used to love shopping for kids' books at Barbara's Bookstores (old Oak Park location, long since closed). Haven't been to one in a while though, but hopefully nothing's changed.

Also, there some Half Price Books around. The ones I've been to have large-ish kids' sections, although I can't personally speak for the quality or selection of the books.
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