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Asking for a friend: I have a day and a half or so of sightseeing time in Frankfurt, Germany this Saturday and Sunday. What should I do and see while I'm there?
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Honestly? If it was me - and it sort of is, because I'm regularly near Frankfurt for business with about that much time to have fun in - I'd swing by Heidelberg. It's got a really cool cathedral with a great belltower, a bunch of charm, and the lovely Philosopher's Walk.

Caveat: I'm a mid-twenties single guy who was particularly happy with the lovely hostel (Stefi's) he stayed in, so the "college town" aspect of Heidelberg really didn't bother/alienate me.
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The Modern Art Museum is very good.

There are also some markets in particular squares, some of them slightly hidden from the main shopping/commercial area. I can't be any more specific, because I only found it by pure chance and don't actually know where it was. Lots of food vendors, very tasty. Lots of good apfelwein.
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Go to a bunch of little bars and try all the unique Oktoberfest beers on draft!

(Sorry to be so general, but I too was in town for a day and a half several years ago and spent it wandering aimlessly around looking at the city.)
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The Goethe House

Also, try to eat the hottest curry wurst you can stand at the Snackpoint
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Did you see this question?
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Take the S-Bahn to Mainz and visit the Gutenberg Museum.
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Aye, "go somewhere else" is the only proper answer, since Frankfurt is really not an attractive or interesting city by German standards. Mainz is nice, or you could easily spend an afternoon wandering around Steinheim-Hanau.
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Heidelberg is having a big festival this Saturday. Its usually pretty fun - the Heidelberger Herbst.
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