Old Country Wedding in the New World
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Looking for a rustic wedding venue in the DC/Virginia/MD (and potentially WV) region where the soon-to-be Mrs. Oneironaut and I can take over for the whole weekend, roast whole lambs, have a county fair atmosphere, and have the music and dancing go all night. We want to be able to control the space, have a house and potentially a few cabins available, and be within 30 minutes of a town with hotels. Any leads appreciated! And, this question is similar to this one, but we're anticipating more like 150 people, and don't need to be within an hour of the airport.
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In WV, I found this a while ago when searching for something similar: Pyne Mountain Farm. It doesn't have the cabins (just the big main house), but when I talked to them they said we were welcome to let as many people camp out as they'd like. And I believe there was a town nearby, but check to be sure.

Also, in MD: Tree House Camp, though not sure if they'll let you roast lambs, but who knows? When I talked to them, they were open to letting our group rent out the whole place, though.
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Rosewood Manor in southern Maryland.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far, this is helpful.
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I went to a wedding at a campground near Woodbridge VA that was very much like this. I can't remember the name of the park, though.
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