What typeface is this?
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What typeface is this?
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Have you asked them on their Facebook page?
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No one at the store (at least everyone I've talked to) knows name of the font. It was made years ago by an outside designer, whose name seems to be lost to history.
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Looks like a custom version of lower-case TXTGroovySmooth according to What the Font.
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That's very close! Thanks, Happy Dave. My own attempt at using What the Font didn't get that close. The l, s, o and t look the same. However, there are enough differences (a, b, d, e, k, n, u and the accent mark are all different) for me to think that there might be a different typeface involved. That said, it could well be a custom job based on Groovy Smooth.
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I went to WhatTheFont, too, and I'm pretty sure TXTGroovySmooth is a contemporary customization of a 60's/70's font, which the logo is made from. It looks very familiar, but it will take awhile to rummage through my font files to find it (if I have it).
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After some digging around in a database of Icelandic newspapers, it looks like the logo was designed in 1977 or 1978. Here's an ad from 1978 (bottom of the page).

Another similar typeface is Pump, designed by Bob Newman in 1970, but it's not quite it either.
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A very similar font is Olympik Fine Line which is based on Optex (scroll down) which is a font that was available in the 70s.
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To me it looks custom-made from scratch.
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Thanks everyone! I guess this is custom-made. Looking at the 1978 ad again, I notice that the logo as it exists now has changed a bit (the n looks more like a regular letter in the recent one). Since it's from the 70s, I assume the original logo designer was influenced by 70s fonts like Optex and Pump.
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