Health-focused, fat-friendly dietician, pls
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Can you recommend a registered dietician in NYC (or who does Skype appointments) who focuses on health at every size instead of weight-loss and fat shaming?

My cholesterol and A1c just jumped through the roof this summer, even though my eating habits seemed fine and haven't changed, and I want to speak with a dietician who can help me figure out why that happened and how to adjust my eating choices to improve my health going forward.

The trick is that I'm fat and have been all my life, and I'm scared of fat-shaming doctors. I can only do this if the focus is on health alone, and if the dietician doesn't use the horrifying fat-shaming language you see on most of their sites (ie "obesity epidemic!" "you just guzzled down 1.5 bagels!" etc - yuck, I'm a person, not an embarrassment!)

I have no interest in just chatting about the psychological aspects of eating, which is why I'm specifically looking for a dietician, not just any nutritionist - I want more specific guidance on the technical aspects of how to build a healthier set of food choices.

I spoke with this nutritionist by email, and thought she seemed wonderful, but she told me she isn't a registered dietician and that my eating routine and such don't sound like the problem, so she couldn't help me - she focuses on eating competence, which isn't really my primary issue. I want to find a registered dietician who reminds me of her!

Know anyone you could recommend?
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Could you get back in touch with the nutritionist you built a rapport with and ask if she can recommend anyone for you? (You might well have done this already, but I figured it was worth a mention.)
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Cynthia Sass

Also, I have always found wonderful professionals affiated with New York Presbyterian Network, they have a Nutrition department, more info here.
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One avenue to explore is that you could consider looking at dietitians who work primarily with eating disorder patients. I realize that you don't have an eating disorder at all. However, in my experience, RDs who work with eating disorders understand that weight does not equal health and would NEVER EVER fat shame. So - they might be able to help you, although you don't have an eating disorder.
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I have heard great things about Sara Seinberg. She is based in San Francisco but the people I know who work with her Skype from other cities. "Sara Seinberg is a Holistic Health Coach in the business of helping people live their dreams. Through a holistic approach she supports clients in their quests for health, wholeness, joy, and truth. Looking at nutrition as a starting point, clients team with Sara to tackle obstacles, face fears, and one day at a time, create new living patterns that topple years of blockage and hurdles."
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Response by poster: I did ask the nutritionist for recommendations. She found two names, but I read the latest few posts in their blogs and flinched away.

Sara Seinberg sounds just up my alley, but she's not a dietician! A registered dietician reminiscent of her would be perfect.
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