Recipe incorporating preserved cumquats?
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I preserved a lot of cumquats in liquor. The liquor is nice, but the cumquats themselves too are sour and bitter to eat. Is there a recipe I could use them in? I'm thinking something like a fruitcake, but I don't know how to incorporate them.
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Could you cook them down with sugar to make jam, or are you trying to avoid adding excess sugar?

If the latter, perhaps they would be nice added to a curry or tagine, in the way raisins, apricots or plums can be?
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I did try making a marmalade out of a few, which was nice, but you would be amazed how quickly I get tired of marmalade. The tagine idea sounds interesting and I might try that. What sort of curry dish were you imagining?
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I don't know about the tagine. Fruit works in tagine by adding sweetness (you don't actually add sugar to the recipe), and the bitterness of your kumquats may not work.
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Alton Brown's fruitcake recipe starts with fruit soaked in liquor. You might look at it for inspiration. I've never made it myself, but I have always intended to.

I have made a bundt cake, like this one, only I used oranges instead of cumquats. When you make the puree, I would just drain the cumquats well and use that. In fact, I imagine you could make a puree like this and add it to almost any recipe -- I'm imagining cumquat muffins. Yum!
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I use preserved lemons in tagine all the time, and it works fine. I preserve my lemons in salt, so it adds salt and bitterness to the dish.

I'd like to recommend that you keep a few for garnishing martinis. We garnish our martinis at home with preserved orange peel, and it is delicious.
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I made vanilla-poached cumquats and asian pear fruit salad once. It was pretty good. The syrup did a good job of cutting the sourness of the cumquats, and the alcohol might add a nice touch.
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I made this Gingerbread Cake with Candied Kumquats for a gathering this past Christmas and it got RAVES from everyone who tasted it. You sort of chop all the kumquats together into a marmalade-ish substance and use it to fill and garnish the cake.
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Chicken a L'Orange?
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Make them one element in a dried fruit compote with ginger.
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The Tartine cookbook has a recipe for Pecan Maple Pie with Bourbon and Kumquats. It uses fresh kumquats, but you could probably do fine on a substitution (maybe leave out the bourbon, maybe cook off some of the alcohol first).

I haven't made the recipe, but I've had a piece at Tartine and it was mindblowingly delicious. Here are a couple links to blogs that have published the recipe (have not proofread them): 1, 2.
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