How can I my get Windows 7 computer to not kill my Airport Extreme - every time?
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Why does my new Airport Extreme go offline every time I try to use my Win7 machine? Like, blinking orange light offline...I'm tearing my hair out trying to fix this!

Hi all,

I bought an Airport Extreme yesterday to replace a dying router. Setup was (seemingly) as easy as they say, but now I'm having a weird issue that I can't seem to resolve.

The network works great with my iPhone, my wife's iPhone, our iPad, and our Dropcam. Green light on the router, blazing speeds, the works.

I turn on my Windows 7 laptop that is our primary computer, and everything falls computer connects to the network just fine, but soon after, the Airport just goes offline. The light on the front of the router turns orange, and the airport utility program I installed on my iPhone can't detect it.

A pull of the power cord on the router is the only thing that will resurrect the network. After that, the Apple devices and Dropcam connect back to it, and the Win7 laptop will connect, too, but the cycle is doomed to repeat itself.

I used the Airport Utility for Windows to set it up initially, and these problems began shortly after it was up and running. I basically used the default settings during setup, and have even restored it to default and set it up again.

Help! It was hard enough justifying this purchase to my wife to begin with, and if she has connectivity issues, she's going to be unhappy.

Any suggestions as to what I've done wrong that is causing this (big) issue?

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First things first. What do the logs say? (Logs and stats in airport utility) If you have to download the old version of airport utility.
posted by Brent Parker at 12:10 AM on August 11, 2012

Also, does this happen when you connect via a cable?
posted by Brent Parker at 12:10 AM on August 11, 2012

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