Resources about eating disorders?
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Seeking recommendations on books/websites about all aspects of eating disorders.

Looking for recommendations from mental health professionals or persons who have dealt with ED personally or with a family member. What resources did you find to be most helpful? Any sources of information to avoid?
posted by Ginesthoi to Health & Fitness (3 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite is recommended by some eating disorders therapists I know.
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Harriet Brown recently discontinued her blog, but there are some great resources there, as well as in her book Brave Girl Eating.

The website has a lot of information and links.


Things to avoid: any website that's selling something, any website that says it's "treatment neutral" (because it's probably pro-ED), pro-ED websites.
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When I was in a bad place, I found the book Life Without Ed really helpful. I remember at first I thought the premise was really hokey, but in the end it helped me get outside myself a bit and view the disorder from a new viewpoint.
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