When google fails - time to call the metafilter hivemind to find that website!
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Metafilter, can you help me remember the name of this website/startup that is in the back of my mind that I saw about 6 months ago and now cannot find? The site was a wiki style site that took a TV series or book and/or movie and extracted all the other books and music and films that were referenced in it. The site gave you summaries of these references and itunes and youtube links so that you could immerse yourself in the "universe" of a particular show/book. So kind of a similar idea to the madmen unbuttoned blog but more like a wiki. I have it in mind that this was a startup of some kind that was just starting out and thought that it was called little monsters or little devils or green monsters or something along those lines. (but trying everything I could think of along those lines turned up nothing so that may be a red herring!) I've been continually amazed by the power of the metafilter hive mind to solve this kind of query in the past, so thought I would give it a shot. Thanks.
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Was it this?
TV Tropes
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Response by poster: Nope - it wasn't tv tropes.
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Best answer: You were close -- it is Small Demons.
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Response by poster: Yay! that is the site I was looking for! Thanks! - bookmarked for future reference.
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