Use old iPhone as a second phone over wifi but with primary phone number
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Please help me design a method for using an old iPhone to make and receive calls on my current AT&T wireless number by WiFi, preferably for free. Ideally, I would like to have this old iPhone (without service), sitting on my desk, ringing when calls come into my current AT&T number, and when I make outgoing calls via Wifi, the caller ID shows my current number. The reason is primarily that AT&T coverage is horrible inside my house, so the ability to do this by wifi at home would be great. But I hate the confusion created when you make outgoing calls and the number is different. I can think of very convoluted ways to do it, so I'm asking you smarties if you have a better way.
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Get A Google Voice number and install Groove IP on the phone. It works great for me on my Android. Spend the 5 bucks to get the premium version of Grooveip, the extra functionality is worth it.
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Does AT&T still offer their MicroCell extender? I believe it lets you use your own wifi to create a mini cell-tower, but it's been a while since I looked into it.
posted by stopgap at 9:42 PM on July 23, 2012 [2 favorites] Looks like this does it for you on the iPhone side. Free, uses Google Voice (also free).
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Seconding the MicroCell. We have next-to-no reception inside the house without it, normal reception inside the house with it. You don't need to get a special plan with it - we just bought it.
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I can confirm Talkatone does this.
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Response by poster: Hi guys,

Thanks for the answers. I apologize for not responding sooner. Not getting email notifications for some reason!

I actually have a macrocell sitting in a closet and collecting dust. Besides being an eyesore, I was never able to find a good location for it, nor solve a number of quality issues. I troubleshooted its performance with AT&T support many times and could never get it working reliably.

I will look at Talkatone and update the post. It's a shame that Groove IP isn't an option.
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