Fix GoogleDrive or Show Me Alternatives
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Is GoogleDrive more customizable than I know? How can I make it stop doing stupid stuff when I share big folders?

I am using GoogleDrive to manage what will eventually be a public archive of files for a school. Whenever I share the big archive folder with people, the link that's produced yields this shitty interface that opens millions of windows and isn't searchable and basically I am really sad that the public, shared version of Drive doesn't look a thing like my personal Drive page. :(

Am I missing something here? Is there a way to customize what people see when they visit your public drive folder, or should I be using another online archive instead?

Things I Want:
Ability to have lots of subfolders
The ability to tag files and search for those tags
File previews
Easy uploading
Color coding folders (like you can in Drive)

My Drive is sooooo pretty but no one can bask in how gorgeous it is unless they're logged into the school's Google account and that just aint gonna happen. Help?
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Try creating a link to it that looks like
instead of
replacing 'thereallylongfolderid' with the ID that shows up in your link.

I think the viewer might have to be logged in to Google (with any account) but I'm not positive.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's a semi-fix if everyone's got a Google account. If you're logged out of Google the site prompts you to make an account. :( Thanks though!
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Best answer: What you want doesn't presently exist.
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