Does iPhone drop more calls after jailbreaking?
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I have an iPhone 3g. I jailbroke it pre-OS3 and had tons of dropped calls, so I un-jailbroke it.. I jailbroke it and once again at OS3.13, and after months of no dropped calls, no "no service" and no missed voicemails, suddently I'm getting all three once again right after jailbreaking with spirit. does jailbreak cause more dropped calls?
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I had missing voice mails because of a phone profile setting when my AT&T iPhone was configured for tethering, but I never noticed anything regarding dropped calls using either that or being jailbroken for OS 3.0. It might be an out-of-date baseband issue. Still, I've never had this dropped called phenomenon people complain about.
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Restoring was the first good step to correcting this problem. However, there's so much that can make a phone drop a call. Software is low on that list. Pay attention to where your calls get dropped. Location is the single biggest cause. Moving between cells can also cause problems. For what it's worth, I used a jailbroken iPhone for a good while (still running 3.1.2), and I rarely if ever dropped calls (T-Mobile, for what that's worth).
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My iPhone's service has always been much less reliable when I've been jailbroken, including the new Spirit jailbreak, which I just tried out recently. I always end up getting rid of the jailbreak to get my iPhone's reliability back.
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Response by poster: No changes in location. So far totally reliable since I took off the profile, and that is also when I suddenly had 7 voicemails appear.

Not only dropped calls, but I was also having the network drop altogether - no service, and a red circle on the phone icon.
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i too had issues with the profile. it's a common complaint.

check out mywi on cydia for tethering. it's $10, but it turns your iphone into what appears to other devices as an ad-hoc wireless network. i can get my macbook online over 3g with it. i cannot however get my DS online because the DS cant understand ad-hoc connections, even though it can see the mywi SSID.
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I have a jailbroken 2G. I never notice any dropped calls at all. (not using AT&T)
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Response by poster: No more dropped calls, but I still get sad apple springboard crashes occasionally - and I'm not running anything other than sbsettings!
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