Cutting a perfect circle.
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Cutting an 8" circle?

I have to cut some window clings into a perfect 8" circle. How would you go about doing that? I was looking at the xacto compass products, but it looks like they only cut 5 7/8" diameter max. I was trying to think of objects that are 8" that I could basically trace around with an xacto knife. I don't know. Also, this has to be really clean and perfect, so freehanding it is out. Thoughts?

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Funny, I just came upon a review of multiple circle-cutting tools today. According to the review, only one of the products will cut up to 8" circles. It's designed for cutting paper, but I would guess that it could work on window clings as well. The product is called: Fiskars Circle Cutter
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pencil & string compass
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Best answer: Olfa circle cutter

search "circle cutter" on amazon for many, many more options
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Improvise: Razor or X-acto blade attached to the end of a ruler, wood scrap or Popsicle stick. Drill a hole in the center at the 4" mark and use that as your pivot point with a pushpin. Now you have a compass.

You might need a small block of wood or something similar on the end of the ruler to keep the blade square.
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Best answer: I've got an Olfa brand circle cutter that goes up to a little over 10".
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Dinner plate? Pie tin? Pot lid?
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Go to an art/drafting supplies store, they should have bigger drafting tools to help you out. Or simply go to a store with a ruler in hand and find an 8" plate/bowl.
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Response by poster: I wasn't aware of a world outside of xacto. Thanks!

Bondcliff: Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't drill a hole into the center of this, because it is really thin plastic, and there would then be a hole in the middle of my window cling.
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Extending Nadawi's pencil & string compass, why not tie the xacto at the end of the string - pushpin it in the center and ta-da.
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I meant drill hole in the center of the ruler, to stick a push-pin in to use as the compass pivot, basically creating a circle cutter. But if this is something you need to do more than a few times then you're better off buying the right tool.
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You may want to use metal banding/strapping material like the kind that is used for strapping things to pallets, it flexible, has a sharp edge(for cutting)can be molded into any shape and usually found by pallets behind warehouses. We actually made gaskets this way in the past. Your 8" OD circle made with steel or SS banding material would resemble a 8" OD cookie cutter. Lay "cookie cutter" on your cling material and hammer it into the cling on something with a firm backing, maybe a towel over plywood. Good luck!
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Seems like you have a good suggestion above.

For the record, 8" is a standard cake pan size.
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Do you have any elementary teacher friends? They often have access to a die-cutter.
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Response by poster: Update: Success!
That's a good lookin' circle.
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