Can I use google voice to make calls on my iPhone without a sim card?
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Can I use google voice to make calls on my iPhone without a sim card? I have an iPhone and it's connected to wi-fi, and I want to use google voice to make/receive calls from my iPhone. I figured they're must be a way to do this by now, but google failed me.
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Not with the way Goole Voice currently works on the iPhone. It has to dial out on the Phone app.
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Best answer: I had talkatone set up on my iPhone for this, but never actually used it. lifehacker describes how to get it going.
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Kind of.
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You can use the Whistle Phone app to make and receive calls on an iPhone without 3G. Tie the telephone number you get from the app to your Google Voice. You can use WP directly to call out, or use the GV app to initiate an outbound call, but have it call you back at your WP #. I use this same setup, on occasions, on my iPad.
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Why not Skype?
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Response by poster: I just setup talkatone with google voice on my iPhone as polexa recommended and it's working already for incoming and outgoing calls! great thanks!
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I've tried talkatone with pretty poor results. If it works for you, though, great! It's the only solution I found when I went looking for something myself.
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