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I am looking for a shopping cart solution that specializes in subscription based sales. I have a small product that comes in several "flavors" that I would like to ship to each customer's house every month.

I am looking for something like Volusion or Zen Cart (or one of the others) but specializes in subscriptions that allows a customer to create their own account and allow them to manage their subscription (change the type of product they are sent, change payment method, etc).
Also important is "transparent shipping"--that is the invoice or checkout cart (I'd rather there not even be one) doesn't show a breakdown of the product and shipping--I don't even want the customer to even think about the shipping.

If there is not an e-retail solution that exists specifically for this is there one that is easily modifiable for it (I only have familiarity with Volusion and Zen Cart)?

Again, the requirements are:

•Though I am shipping a product I want the "feel" of the site to be like that of a subscription service.
•No itemization of "product" and "shipping". In fact, I would like there to be no Shopping Cart at all, just an account management page.
•A way for customers to manage their own accounts (change type of product sent, change card on file, suspend subscription).
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I'm confused on whether you want subscribers to be able to access your files at all times or whether you'd be manually sending subscribers a new digital file or whatever once a month?

I'm not 100% sure, but I think aMember can do what you need. It does cost $180 though. You might also be able to tweak the s2member wordpress plugin to meet your needs.
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Try Recurly.

You can build a nice marketing site around its embeddable subscription management form. If you want to get fancy with automation, you can start using its more advanced features. It also has some competitors so look at those as well.
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This very lengthy post on Quora recommends Brightpearl.
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