Best (informational content) of the (retail) Web?
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What are some good examples of web-based informational content provided by a retailer?

I'm looking for retailers that provide informational content that you've found useful and insightful. This could be anything from tips/tricks, how-to, industry news, or any combination thereof. Many answers are probably blog based, but they definitely don't have to be.

For the sake of this question, I'm not looking for sites that offer community-based info (forums, etc.).

Here's how eBags does it.

King Arthur Flour does something similar.
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Best answer: More a manufacturer than a retailer but Park Tool provides bike repair guides

REI has an "expert advice" section
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Best answer: A lot of cosmetics retailers have very useful application/use tips. Benefit is one such; they have a whole "beauty school" section. They also include "how tos" and "tips" on the product pages and have some industry news-type videos and features that rotate on and off the front page.
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Best answer: Dr. Foster & Smith have always done an excellent job IMHO both in their online presence and in thier print catalog.
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A lot of specialized retailers, and local ones, do this - for example, my local bike shop tweets about industry news, bike race events, etc; in this case very little of the posted content is actually along the lines of "We has product come buy it." I'm just using them for an example; a ton of smaller, specialized businesses do this, because the focus is often more on "I care about this stuff for a living" than "I am demanding your dollars."
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The coffee roasting info at Sweet Maria's comes to mind.
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Not sure if this is what you're after, but this got me (a complete geek) to buy a pair of pants designed for cops/SWAT/EMS/Whathaveyou.

And I like them a lot.
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Best answer: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads provides a variety of resources for jewelry-making (and other beading), including patterns, instructions, and galleries of completed designs.
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Express Scripts runs DrugDigest, a noncommercial compendium of pharmaceutical information for consumers (including a drug library, a list of drug interactions, etc.) that's staffed by faculty at St. Louis College of Pharmacy.
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