(Google) Scholarly Advice?
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Google Scholar Search Term?

I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed to see Google Scholar disappear from the 'More' dropdown. Now wondering if there is a search term I can input into a regular Google search that will automatically direct my search to Google Scholar, e.g., "Scholar: diagnostic significance of AD biomarkers" (this doesn't work, FYI). In another strike against Google, googling this issue has failed me.

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At the risk of pointing out the obvious, you know you can go right to scholar.google.com? There are also search engine plugins.
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What browser do you use? In Chrome (for isntance, I think Firefox does this too), you can go to scholar.google.com, right-click in the searchbox and "Add as search engine...", and set a keywork like "scholar". Then, from the omnibox, typing "scholar foo bar" give you "foo bar" search results from scholar.google.com. (Poorly googled instructions for Chrome, Firefox)
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You and me both, buddy. I use the Chrome plugin Scholarfy for this. Regular Google search, click on Scholarfy in the toolbar, it becomes a Scholar search, done.
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thank you escabeche! I had not heard of this!
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If you switch to DuckDuckGo the way to search Scholar is "!scholar diagnostic significance of AD biomarkers". This change to Google was why I've switched over entirely to DuckDuckGo.
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In Chrome (for isntance, I think Firefox does this too)

(Using firefox)

Go to scholar.google.com. Right click in the search box: "Add a keyword to this search". Pick something short like 'sg'.

Now, "sg cephalopod fetish" in the address bar does a keyword search on 'cephalopod fetish'.

Similarly, I use ab for abebooks, am for amazon, en for (english) wikipedia, pl for my public library, etc.
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