Please help me go from one drive to two.
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I have an early 2011 Macbook Pro. I am installing a 64GB SSD (for OSX Lion and applications) and and then repurposing my stock HDD as my drive for my Home folder (documents, etc) using an OWC Data Doubler (installed in my optical drive spot). I have a bootable SuperDuper backup and many Time Machine Backups (on external drives). Once everything is installed, how can I transfer everything from backups to their new locations without losing all my preferences, bookmarks, etc.

Thanks, as always.
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Best answer: This could be a handy guide:
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Best answer: I can't speak for superduper backup, but I found that loading the OS, and then opening Time Machine and going through the restore wizard restored my user in a criminally short time. After that, log out and log back in as yourself.
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FWIW, I did a similar upgrade to my 2011-MBP, using an optical/HD adapter from MCETech. I had trouble getting the SSD detected in the adapter, so I had to put it in the main slot and the spinning disk in the adapter. Then, when I upgraded again to all-SSD, I had to swap the disks around again to get them both recognized. So: if you're having trouble, it's worth switching drive positions (even though it's a PITA to pull the optical/HD adapter out, and there doesn't seem to be any reason it should work better one way or the other).
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