Help get me into a pickle?
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What recipes use a lot of dill pickles? Vegetarian preferred!

I am looking for pickle-heavy recipes! I prefer vegetarian, but am open minded if you have something that is the best recipe ever and includes meat.

The only pickle-related recipe I know now is a Russian beet salad that uses a lot of pickles (vinegret), so am open to just about anything. Googling this was rough because most paths lead to instructions on how to pickle things (which I am not interested in!)

Thank you, Metafilter!
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Best answer: A different Russian salad that uses pickles.
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Best answer: Dill pickle soup.
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Chopped dill pickles can be a nice addition to potato salad and egg salad, assuming you're comfortable with the other ingredients. Some people put finely chopped pickle into deviled eggs.

You can also slice, bread, and fry them directly. I suggest serving them with some kind of sauce, even just ranch dressing.
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Best answer: Until I stopped being a fan of the main ingredients of Tuna Salad, I would do heavy pickles in the mix. Now I do a chickpea substitute and can eat my picklely heart out.

Israeli salad is usually all fresh veggies (and cukes) but there's no reason not to try it with pickles for yourself in place of the cukes and lemon.
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This may be obvious, but if you're putting pickles into an Israeli salad recipe that uses vinegar (some do, some don't), use somewhat less vinegar than the recipe calls for.
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I was going to suggest fried pickles with spicy ranch dressing. SO freaking good!
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Best recipe ever is pickles as junk food. Alternate bites of pickle with bites of black licorice. (Not pregnancy-related, btw.)
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Best answer: Similar to the chickpea of the sea salad recommended above is Chicken Out Salad. I usually make a double or triple recipe and have sandwiches for lunch for the week.
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Best answer: Tartar sauce is basically mayonnaise and chopped pickles. Some recipes call for pickle relish but I prefer to substitute chopped pickles for a crisper, less sweet taste. For even more fun, make the mayo yourself.

Also... pickle wraps!! Usually these involve meat, but you could use a vegetarian meat substitute or thinly sliced cheese.
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Okay, you guys got me. I'm having a pickle, cheese, and mustard sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Who's with me?
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Best answer: The Best Dill Pickle Recipe:
1. Fish pickle out of jar with filthy fingers. Worry briefly, but think, "Hey, they're pickled."
2. Eat pickle.
3. Repeat for as many iterations as desired (as many as you have pickles).

Seriously, as a kid I used to eat dill pickle and miracle whip sandwiches. It's still good.
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Make horseradish dill pickles and eat a lot of them!
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cmoj, you forgot:

4. Drink just enough pickle juice to satisfy, but not enough to dry out remaining pickles.

Ideas from the Pickled Vegetable Industry!

Ooooh, Pickle Bread. I'll have to try that one.
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Pickle + peanut butter sandwiches! SO good.

+1 for pickle, cheese, and mustard sandwiches.

Um, also, this doesn't take care of the pickles themselves, but you could always make yourself a refreshing vodka dill. 2 parts Vodka, 1 part dill pickle juice, ice. Surprisingly delicious.
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Another Russian soup with pickles - rassolnik
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Chop them up finely to make relish for veggie dogs!
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Kool Aid Pickles!!
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When you're done, use the pickle juice to marinate chicken (or tofu, I guess) for grilling.
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Best answer: I've got me pickles and cheese and bread and mustard. Hope I can wait till lunch ...

Okay, found this UMMY recipe online for beer battered pickles.

This is just "take packet of pickling spices and mix with green beans" but why not just chop green beans and some cooked beans you like in with pickles to make a pickle bean salad?

Pickles as a dipping sauce ...

Pickles and potatoes. Who knew? I have small children so I'll probably just do it a bit differently, but YUMMY sounding.

I know you ran into issues looking for pickle recipes and got pickling recipes - it's also weird (to me) remembering that USAians think cukes=pickles but the rest of the world vegetables and fruits = pickles.

My searches were for "serve with pickles" and I still had to cull a lot of "how to pickle" recipes. Also keep an eye out, some say sweet pickles, some say sour, some mean other pickled fruits and veggies (or relish). I personally can't stand sweet ....
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Response by poster: Thank you all, these look delicious! When I shared this question with a friend, she also suggested a German dish called Rouladen, which is meaty but does look pretty wonderful.

tilde -- thank you for the lunch inspiration! I picked a pickle & cheese & mustard sandwich for lunch today, as well!
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