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I'm designing a custom Wordpress theme as part of a project. In addition to the typical Wordpress install, there's also going to be a social media plug-in on top of it (which has already been picked out and installed by another member of the project). This is the most complicated bit of web development that I've done, so I'm curious: what sort of workflow should I set up to make things easy on myself?

I feel like I should set up a development environment on my system instead of trying to do things live on the server, so which development environment would be the best? I've Googled around for it, but I'm not really sure what to look for. Is it best to get one set up specifically for Wordpress, or are there better general purpose PHP IDEs?
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You should be fine with MAMP (on a Mac) or WAMP (on a PC - although I haven't used WAMP in years, maybe there's something better now) as your local development server.
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WAMP should be good. As far as IDEs, I don't know if there is a IDE for PHP per say but Notepad++ should be handy for code highlighting and autocomplete.
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I use Netbeans as my IDE for PHP development, and it's generally done what I wanted it to. For a dev server, I used this tutorial to set up XAMPP in my Dropbox folder, allowing me to get to it from anywhere. You can also just install this on your desktop, if you don't need access from multiple PCs.
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