Recommendations for movers in Seattle
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Moving company in Seattle recommendation please.

I think that we're going to do ABF U-Pack for our cross-country move but hire movers on both ends. I already have found a highly recommended and well reviewed company on the Washington, DC end, but I need to find a company in Seattle that will unload the pod/part of the truck/whatever we end up doing, and potentially be hire-able to do some unpacking/furniture assembly.

The guy on the DC end said that with unloaders, you don't have to be as picky as you do for loaders, since they're not wrapping up your precious belongings and that one could feel safer with college kids/dudes off of Craigslist.

But regardless, any MeFi recommendations are welcome.

(And if it matters, this would be for mid-July).
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Jordan River Moving. I've used them several times in the last decade and they are great. Very fair prices and their employees are incredibly hard working. They get the move done so fast it's amazing.
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We just used Super Friends Moving in Seattle and were very pleased. On-time, reasonably priced (even more so if you pay in cash as you get a 10% discount), and they will put furniture back together.
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We used Budget Moving within Seattle, end-to-end. Happy with the results.
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Response by poster: (As noted in the 2009 Seattle moving company question, and confirmed on, Jordan River does not have a good reputation). Thanks for the rec though.
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Chip's Moving and Delivery (425)481-9308

They don't have much of a web presence, but they don't need one. They are one of those businesses that doesn't have to advertise because they thrive on word-of-mouth recommendations. They are affordable, personable, very careful, and they hustle like you would not believe. I'm not sure if they'd be up for just an unloading gig, but definitely worth a call in case they are.
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Ballard Preferred Moving is great.
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I've used Adam's twice in the last couple of years and they were fast and professional. The first time they unloaded a truck that we had packed ourselves, so they do unload-only jobs. Yelp agrees.
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I just used Super Friends, based on previous reviews on Ask Metafilter, and am content with the job they did. I had a lot of last-minute changes ("We need more movers! No, fewer! No, more!") and they rolled with it.
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We used Nice Moves just last week. Very pleased.
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We used A-Ray's Moving Solutions last year and recommended them to friends, and we were both happy. I don't know if their rates are accurate though--the website looks woefully neglected.
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Just to note, the Jordan River bad reviews on you linked to are from almost 10 years ago.
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Response by poster: SuperFriends were awesome. Thanks all!
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