local boston moving help!
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Suggestions for local Boston-area movers?

It's pretty short notice, but I'm moving at the end of the month, and need to find two people and a truck to help me move from Cambridge to Allston. Any recommendations for movers on a pretty basic, not too much stuff, no awkward-item moving job?
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I used Gentle Giants and they were great. I think they might be on the pricier side, but they were extremely accommodating.
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I have used these guys twice and they have been worth every penny. Once was to move from a third floor apartment in JP to a basement apartment in the same house (I had two pieces of furniture that required a crane over the porch balcony as it wouldn't fit through the staircase. The second time was to move both my and my (then) fiance's stuff (in a separate apartment in JP) to Newton on the day after an ice storm when it was absolutely not safe to walk on a lot of sidewalks. They are quick, efficient, slightly more expensive than you would pay elsewhere, but damn were they good.
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Best answer: All Out Moves. I recommend them all the time. Fantastic, reasonably priced, great to work with.
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Intelligent Labor moved me last summer, and they were awesome. The guys who helped me were super friendly and ridiculously efficient. I moved from an elevator building in Brookline to a 4th floor walk-up in Back Bay and the entire thing took barely a morning. It cost under $500 (coming in below their $600 estimate), and that included the generous tips I gave them. Gentle Giant tried to quote me $1200 for the same move.
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Spry Moving is fantastic.
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We've used Gentle Giants twice. They're awesome.
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Another vote for Gentle Giants.
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Seconding Intelligent Labor. Awesome, fast, professional, and reasonably cheap. I'll be using them again in a couple months, I hope.
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Road Runner Movers! They were a Lot less expensive than the Gentle Giant quote I got, they were super pleasant, they were responsive, and they got the job done well and on time. Good guys!
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Thirding Intelligent Labor. They moved me three or four times and each time was fantastic. Nothing was broken, they were incredibly conscienscious, and generally just nice guys.

I've never had a better moving experience than when I had them move my stuff. If I could have paid them to move me from Boston to San Francisco, I would have.
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i keep hearing that gentle giant is pretty awesome, although i have not used them myself.
we used stairhoppers when my gf moved in with me.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, for all the great recommendations!

I requested estimates from pretty much all of your suggestions, and decided to go with All Out Moves. They gave me the best price (less than a third of what Gentle Giants was quoting), but despite hardly any info on them other than olinerd's mention and one review on yelp, I decided to give All Out Moves a try.

They were awesome, professional yet nice and easy going people to work with. I'm super happy with my decision - nice people to do business with.
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