How to share many pdf files with our many customers?
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How to share many pdf files with our many customers?

My boss has tasked me with finding a software that will allow us to share a lot of pdf files with our customers. The preferred setup would run on on windows and could possible be hosted on an external web server. We are a a windows shop so IIS and MSSQL server is preferred.

We would need individual logins and passwords for each user, and each user would be in a group for each customer. These pdf files will contain mostly engineering drawings and things associated with those.
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We're in the process of moving a large document repository to Kentico, which is costly, but Umbraco was one of the systems we were looking at, which may be up your alley.
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Could you just set up an FTP server?
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I you want different levels of membership, a CMS might be the way to go. ExpressionEngine is super easy to use but requires PHP so might not be the one you want.
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Response by poster: Well, we have an ftp server, but and there is always a but, the boss says we need an easier and "prettier" way of doing this.
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No offense, but how involved is your boss in the workings of this project, other than being the boss? I mean, a lot of time, management gets it in their head that "It should look like this other site I saw" or "It needs more dancing hamsters!" or whatever... without any real regard for usability or the nuts and bolts of it. They just have it in their head that "it should look/feel like this", user experience be damned.

FTP ought to do everything you need (user / group-level permissions, quotas, etc.) and you've probably already got all the software installed that you need. Most FTP clients like FileZilla allow import/export of site profiles including user name & password, so it's not too hard to supply the customer with a download link for the FTP client of your choice, plus a pre-configured site profile. "Download and install this, click here to import this site profile, and you're done."

I run a quick-print shop and we deal with a lot of builders, engineers, and architects for blueprints. We have an FTP server set up for those who want to use it, and it hasn't given us a lick of trouble.
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