Recommendation for movers from Philly to NYC
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Movers to go from Philadelphia to New York?

We're moving from Philadelphia to New York City (Manhattan specifically) at the end of June. Does anyone have recommendations on movers? Should we look for a Philadelphia-based mover? A New York-based one? One of the national van lines, since it's an interstate move? This will be a 1BR to a smaller 1BR.

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I'd try finding a mover via -- I used the site to hire movers for a local (NJ->NJ) move, and had no complaints.
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Best answer: I can't say I've heard anything good about the national companies. Ever.

You can go with Mambo Movers (aside from occasionally being a few minutes late, I've never had a problem with them, and I've used them about 8 times), or any of the [lost count of number] companies started by former Mambo employees, like A-Team, Broad Street, Sultans of Schlep.
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I did the reverse last August. You may find some of the replies I got to my question helpful.

I wound up using flatrate and I highly, highly, highly recommend them.
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Seconding Mambo Movers. They are absolutely fantastic.
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Thirding Mambo Movers. They moved me from Philadelphia to South Carolina and back again. I've hired them to move my tool box once or twice, too.
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Mambo just moved me last month and they shaved at least an hour off the time by loading everything (sofas, bed, literally everything) directly into the second story window of the apartment building from the roof of the truck. Mad skillz.
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We used a service called Moving Help from U-Haul. The thing we liked about it is your payment is held in escrow and released to the movers after the job is over, preventing the widespread movers' scam which I was very nervous about. Honestly, I'll never move without movers ever again!

The actual movers' name was 'Feel Great to Move.' They were very affordable ($25 per man per hour) and did an excellent job. They're based in Kearny which is outside NYC in NJ. I'm not positive they'd come out to Philly but it would be worth a shot.
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As an alternate option, if you only have a few big items, I used with great success on a Chicago -> New York 1BR to 1BR move. Was rather cost-effective as well, compared to traditional movers.
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