What book best enhances the experience of being in New York City?
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What book best enhances the experience of being in New York City?

What would be the ideal book (or books) to present to a friend who is about to visit New York City for the first time?

We are in Australia. The book can be in any genre, fiction or non-fiction. "Delirious New York" is out of bounds, but only because I've already talked about it too much.
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I've always been fond of E.B. White's Here is New York. It's short, written in the 40s(I think) and still is relevant today. Perfectly captures the essence of the city, IMHO.
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Excerpt here:
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Accurate or not, I learned all I need to know about New York from Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho (book) and Clive James' Postcard From New York (TV show). Oh and the movie Smoke.
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I'm pretty fond of Luc Sante's Low Life, which is mostly about Bowery life around the turn of the century. It's a meandering sort of history book with lots of seedy characters and questionable goings on. It's also funny to read about the bohemians complaining about the gentrification of the lower east side... Some things never change.

Jane Jacob's The Death and Life of Great American Cities is pretty neat, too. Parts of it anyway... It bogs down (for me) when she starts talking about policy, but her descriptions of her neighborhood and the way it functions are just gorgeous.
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for (it's a website, not a book), but it's interesting. My friend walked every street in Manhattan and he has a website w/ pics and a list of his favorite "off the beaten path" locales. Something fun to peruse if you want to go to cool NYC places that aren't the Empire State Building.
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I loved having read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn before visiting New York. It gave me a sense of history and I saw a lot of small, old things I might not have noticed (the older tenements squashed up beside newer buildings--I wouldn't have given that much thought before).

Similar to melissasauras's website, there are City Walks cards you can get that have walks through various neighborhoods with points of interest highlighted. In terms of a guidebook, my favorite is the green Michelin guide.
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Besides all the great fiction recommendations you are getting, I recommend Not for Tourists Guide and Robert Caro's The Power Broker
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The Essays of E.B. White (in which "Here is New York" is published) is one of my favorites.

A collection of "Talk of the Town" pieces from The New Yorker would be great, I think.
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It depends, in part, on the specific interests of your friend? But Forgotten New York seems to be interesting to most, and would be an excellent method/excuse for your friend to explore a little once he gets here, as well as learning a little about the history of the city.

(There's also a website, which contains much of the same information but is less pleasurable to browse due to so-so design.)
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Netherland, Ragtime, The Great Gatsby
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Hit post by mistake, sorry. The Great Gatsby. I wanted to add that aside from being about New York, these three are among my favorite books ever.
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Two more recently-written books about Brooklyn, both set in the 1970s-1980s:

Motherless Brooklyn and Fortress of Solitude, both by Jonathan Lethem. Excellent reads!
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Ooo, another NYC book on the 1970s: The Bronx is Burning - tells the history of the decline of NYC throughout the 1970s, culminating in 1977 with the blackout, the looting, the Mayoral election, the Son of Sam serial killer, and the Yankees making it back to the World Series.

It's a great book for describing a New York City that doesn't really exist anymore.
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City Secrets.
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The new Patti Smith memoir, Just Kids, about her early relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe and their struggle to become artists, is a fantastic *New York* book. It captures a time, place and ethos that is long gone.
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Seconding Not For Tourists.
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Egregious that no one has yet mentioned Leaves of Grass.
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I just finished reading Forever by Pete Hamill, about an Irish immigrant who manages to live in New York ... forever. It drudged along at times but I thought it gave me a nice appreciation for the history of the island and yes, I got weird tingles when he was hanging out in the bushes in what would be Morningside Heights.
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One of the better histories is Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898.
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New York: A Serendipiter's Journey by Gay Talese.

Catcher in The Rye by J.D. Salinger
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The Works: Anatomy of a City. It's not a work of fiction, but a collection of maps and infographics that explain the function of NYC. A great read.
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Good varied collection of of city life snippets:


And another favorite:

Both are rather big books though.

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