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The plot: Four old friends, all women, have a bit of a reunion. One of them needs help IDing who raped her many years earlier when they were still teens, probably in high school. This might be a Lifetime movie. I am hoping someone knows the name.

Details I remember: As a teen, she went out with a mixed group of friends, I think a total of four girls and four boys. After leaving the group to walk home through the woods, she is assaulted and raped by one of the four boys but does not know which one. She ends up pregnant. I do not recall if she kept the baby or not. The baby is now an adult and has a medical issue. They need to know the family medical history in order to determine if they can safely have surgery.

Her friends help her remember details from that night. They come up with a photo of the group from that night. She finally remembers she tore a button off the rapist's jacket and she still has it. She hid it from her mother while her mother was scrubbing her in the bathtub after the assault. She pulls out the butyon, which still has a bit of green fabric attached. This finlly ID's her assailant, matching it to a green jacket in the photo.

To the shock and dismay of one of the friends, it turns out to be her (late?) husband. She tells her the child can have the surgery, that her husband's family has no history of the problem that would make it too risky.
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Best answer: Family of Strangers. Patty Duke and Melissa Gilbert.
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