How to organize contacts systematically?
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What is the best way of organizing and managing my thousands of contacts - software, best practices, general ways of thinking about the issue?

I'm a filmmaker and the film editor for a major entertainment magazine. I am the type of person who makes friends easily and makes strong connections with lots and lots of people (I have over 2000 FB friends, and a good 85% of them are people I've had meaningful and memorable RW interaction with). It's becoming really really important that I make a systematic inventory of who I know, how I know them, who they work for, where they live, and what they do. Fortunately, I've got some labor this summer that can help me out with this.

I use lots of Google services (I have a Motodroid and use Gmail, Gcal, Gcontacts, others), so I suspect using labels in Google Contacts is going to be optimum, but if there's something better out there, I want to explore it. And even if not, I need to figure out how best to organize within Google Contacts.

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Not sure this is overkill for what you want but Highrise.
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It sounds like you might want to look into actual CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, which are designed around this kind of detailed contact management and tracking.
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I came in to recommend Highrise - so seconded.
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