Can you help find a misremembered book?
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Another lost book question: I though FOR SURE it was Kick in the Head Stories, but upon rereading, it's not. Possibly misremembered, mildly NSFW.

I have a distinct memory of a character I thought came from Steven Rinehart's Kick in the Head Stories, but I recently re-found and reread that book, and the clear as day memory was strangely absent. Huh. Like Kick in the Head Stories, it came from a book of gritty, boozy, loosely connected short stories, and the memory is of a girl who appears in two stories. The first story she is having sex in a trailer? A tractor trailer truck? With a trucker? And it's observed that her pubic hair pokes out of her flowered undies. She's fair haired. If I remember correctly, she's quite younger than the man. She shows up in a later story, is older, and is in a city (?) but is still clearly a damaged girl. This is all I remember. I think I read it around the mid 2000's. Are there different versions of Kick in the Head Stories that might have included this girl? Other books she might be from? Any ideas, Hivemind?
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I don't actually think this is right, but this sounds vaguely like something out of Denis Johnson's "Jesus' Son."
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