Late night takeout food in Vancouver
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I'm looking for mefi's recommendations for late night take-out, fast food or quick ethnic food in Vancouver BC.

Here's the background to my request: To get back into proper summer cycling shape before June, I'm trying to do 35 to 50 km on the road bike every day, at a relatively fast pace. I usually go out for a few hours of riding any time between 9:00 PM and 12:30AM each day.

On my way back home after riding I'm usually very hungry and would like to be able to pick up some takeout, to either sit and eat by the seawall or to take home and eat.

I'd like to hear mefi's recommendations on Vancouver late night food that is both filling, tasty, not too expensive, and fast. For example, the famous House of Dosas on Kingsway, or something like that. I am not frequently in the area of Marine Drive/South Vancouver, so even if there's some wonderful food down there, I might not go for it. Recommendations on anything north of 49th would be great. I also ride out to Burnaby so if there's any wonderful late night ethnic on/near Hastings in Burnaby (east of the #1), suggestions for that would also be welcome.
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I went to Nuba last time I was in Vancouver and the food was great. The West Hastings location is open late.
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On Commercial, Best Falafel is open til 11 (maybe 12?) and is family-run and super delicious.
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I'd recommend Bandidas Taqueria for tasty Mexican takeout until 12 or 1am. Other late night options are 24/7 Thai or The Naam although The Naam isn't known for being quick.
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Urban Fare is open to 11 lots of choices inside.
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